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dual spec question

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hi guys


my armoury




with the recent "upgrade" i would like to go 2nd spec as affliction but the main question i would like to know is do i go 9778 haste affliction side or destro side to reforge. 

i havent heard or read anyother posts about this?




as you see i have 'locked' all my gems and have  just need to reforge but as i said to make the dual spec work will i have to do it afflic side or destro side?

i also have normal BBoY for afflic.




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Hmm, can't see the locked gems, but I think there might be a little confusion to clear up regardless.


Are you locking your gems so that you can reforge between fights or are you locking gems for some other reason? Either way, explain why.


What you will see with AMR is that reforging through Destro will more than likely leave you with more crit than reforging through Afflic. The reason for this is crit is shit, but not as shitty for Destro.  Afflic will look for crit+haste gear to get rid of haste on for mastery while Destro will reforge haste to mastery or crit depending on the gear piece with less preference.  If I'm reading your post correctly (still not sure) then you are picking one gem and reforge path and only changing spec, no gear. Based on what I just said, you have to make a decision based on what spec you want to play better.


Regardless of what I say in the next section, we are considering a 1-2% difference on each stat which isn't make or break.


Destro will suffer with the lack of crit and haste if your reforge via Afflic. You're CB will hit hard, but your ember regen is gonna be pretty unbearable. I personally wouldn't even consider that breakpoint because it does nothing for Destro and I'm a haste build guy.


Afflic will suffer if you lose mastery to crit just because mastery is way more powerful for Afflic at low haste levels.


My best advice is to go for the 13737 Afflic breakpoint by using BBoY and swapping for heroic KTT in a haste build Destro set at 11433 haste (might not be exact, used 9.17% as my PBoI percentage and your 2/4 BBoY).  This will give you better regen in Destro which doesn't rely on harsh breakpoints while not saving as much crit when you need to swap to Afflic.

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i was locking my gems because then if i changed over spec's from destro to affliction i wouldnt have to do anything in the way of gemming and reforging, if i had just left it , it would tell me to reforg and  gem and when changing specs it is impossible when your already in an instance and very expensive as well i may add :p


ive have also been playing around with my stats and if i just went destro spec i gain an extra 5% crit and loose 7% haste, should i go for that or would you advise a differant set up if i just went single spec. 
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If you want to swap over with no hassle just go Mastery > Haste > Crit and be done with it.


This is best solution IMO.  I was always Mastery > Crit > Haste until I started my Haste offset for Demo.  With the number of cross over pieces between teh two gear sets it was easier to just go Haste Destro to make gear swap between specs easy.  Its been great, I've enjoyed the haste a lot more than the first time I tried Haste destro.

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