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Glitch Creates (Basically) Infinite Camera Zoom Out, Revendreth from Oribos, Outland from BE Start Zone

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Here's a pretty interesting glitch we didn't know about, as you can actually get to zoom out across an ENTIRE load zone - and in Shadowlands that means ALL of the Shadowlands. This also applies to Burning Crusade, as you can actually zoom out far enough in Outland and see the blood elf starting zone and vice-versa, as they're also on the same loading zone. Note: this is a glitch and may be looked unkindly upon by Blizzard, especially with their recent suspension policies, so maybe don't try this one out yourselves.

While we're not quite sure who discovered the glitch originally, Asmongold recently poked around with it to see some truly distant vistas. Now we already knew all the Shadowlands zones were all in one map/loading zone, but now we actually get to see that as Asmongold managed to "get" all the way to Revendreth from Oribos! There's a lot more exploration going on in the video below, from the secret Zul Gurub instance inside Karazhan, MoP Vale of Eternal Blossoms and the aforementioned Outland connections.

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    • By Starym
      It's another Rextroy video, this time focusing on an insane burst window for Retribution Paladins, which can get more than 16 hits/sources of damage in within 1 second! It's all based on the Seasons of Plenty legendary, which drastically improves the Night Fae Blessing of Summer, some legendary-juggling, a WHOLE lot of procs and, well, take a look below:
      And here's the detailed explanation on just what exactly happened:
      We are going to use a legendary called Seasons of Plenty, which says it increases the effectiveness of Blessing of Summer by 100%. Making it go from 40% chance to do 30% additional damage, to 80% chance to do 60% additional damage, on all your abilities and procs. It does increase both parts by a 100%, but together it is more like a 300% increase of summers DPS, during 10 seconds. This makes ret do insane amount of damage, even more than it already is doing during burst. This buff feels pretty much like the old Reckoning days, since the Summer proc has no internal cooldown at all. The following can happen within 1 second if you are lucky:
      Judgment Summer proc, Templar's Verdict, Summer proc, Sanctified Wrath, Summer proc, Virtuous Command, Summer proc, Templar's Verdict proc (conduit), Summer proc, Melee hit, Summer proc, Virtuous Command (from melee hit), Summer proc, Zeal (talent), Summer proc.
      This is 16 sources of damage... It is truely insane! Perhaps you can add in a trinket or similar for even more devastating effects (or perhaps the Aura of Reckoning PvP talent, but it is quite overkill)
      We are also going to use a trick with Judgment to make it appear like it is casted one global after you press it, the trick is to turn into a toad with Magic Pet Mirror (special thanks to Aegis for helping me out with this in Durotar, since I don't have the pet mirror myself) This happens because of an animation bug in toad form (there are most likely similar cases with other transforms)
      Another thing we are going to do, to make this combo even more devastating is to change our legendaries. Seasons of Plenty will remain on your active blessing even if you unequip the legendary before the equinox procs (the 100% bonus). This gives you 10 seconds to stack up another legendary, the Vanguard's Momentum, for a 12% holy damage bonus. This legendary will also remain if you unequip it. This allows you to finally change into Final Verdict, which does 15% more damage than a normal Templar's Verdict.
      In an arena, you won't be able to change gear to stack up the Vanguard's Momentum, but seasons of plenty will work at full effectiveness. The clips you see in the video are from skirmishes when me and my friends tested out this insane legendary for hilarious results! You might want to add in Final Reckoning if you are going for maximum damage over few globals time. The reason I went for Sanctified Wrath is to be able to perform the damage in as few globals as possible.
    • By Starym
      This week sees the final piece in Windwalkers' Sanctum domination plan come into place, as they are now the No.1 in both the top and generalist percentiles! We also see the return of the boomkings as they take a huge leap into 2nd in the top percentiles, eyeing that top spot they held for so long in Nathria.
      Mythic DPS Rankings
      This week sees a familiar face climb up a lot, as the owls have decided it's time to get back into the spotlight! Moving into the No.2 rank, Balance jumped 3 spots and brought Fury with it, which also moved up 3 into No.4, just barely surpassing Arms along the way. Affliction continues to drop, 2 spaces into 6th this time, as Subtlety moves up 1 and Arcane has another of its huge upswings, moving up 6, as both push Demonology down into 9th.

      95th percentile Mythic data by Warcraft Logs.
      Windwalkers have taken the very top spot in the all percentiles bracket as well, as they are now officially the kings of the Sanctum, and by a pretty solid margin as well. Arms moves down one into 2nd and Survival (Year of the Spear™) has another big upswing and closes out the top 3. The downwards trend continues for Affliction in this bracket as well as it moves down 3 into 6th, while Assassination and Balance move up quite a few spots.

      All percentiles Mythic data by Warcraft Logs.
      Heroic DPS Rankings
      The Heroic rankings have gone from stable to identical week-to-week, as we have to go aaaal the way down to 16th to see the first change, where Retribution and Frost Mage rose 1 spot, pushing Destruction down!

      All percentiles Heroic data by Warcraft Logs.
      As always, if you want even more info on a spec, you can check out our class guides here, for a DPS tier list you can go here, or for even more data, head on over to Warcraft Logs.
    • By Stan
      Bonus Loot that drops from raid bosses now has a separate category in the Adventure Guide in Patch 9.1.5.
      Rewards that have a chance to drop in addition to normal loot now have their own category in the loot tables, meaning it will be easier to browse through Conduits and battle pets that drop in Shadowlands.

    • By Starym
      There's been a rash of pacifist arena combatants in the Theater of Pain dungeon since a recent hotfix and players have had their Mythic+ runs ruined by it, but fortunately there's a couple of potential fixes!
      As for what the bug is - basically what happens is that that mini-bosses in the arena section will simply not attack players and remain neutral NPCs, ruining Mythic+ keys due to the % of enemies and players having planned their routes around them:
      However, the mob does become hostile for an EXTREMELY small amount of time, but therein lies fix No.1:

      The slightly more complex one, if the first one isn't working out for you, entails bringing over another mini-boss which will trigger the passive ones once you defeat the active one. Alternatively you can plan around the mini-bosses entirely, but method No.1 should work well enough.
    • By Starym
      It seems Mike "Qwik" Ybarra, Blizzard's co-leader, isn't done with his community interaction, and is now expanding it to, well, anyone! He has made a Discord server for to everyone interested in finding a group for any Blizzard game (and potentially some others as well), focusing on WoW and Mythic+ in particular:
      You could even end up playing with Blizzard's co-lead yourself, as he frequently asks for various roles for his own runs. He also will not be talking about any plans or what's going on behind the scenes for WoW specifically, but might talk about game development in general and will read suggestions for improvements:
      I will not answer any WoW roadmap/future features, etc. questions here. Ion and team answer those ?
      Yeah I will answer game dev, personal etc questions but not work items relating to future things. Fine to suggest things. He also mentioned that he's well aware of the potential for the server to get out of hand (both in terms of player numbers and comments that might appear), but he has the solution for that too:
      I don't know discord well. Someday I will find someoen who does ?
      But if it does [get out of hand], deleting this is easy.
      Just how successful this discord will be remains to be seen, as there are many similar LFG servers out there, but you can be sure this one will draw plenty of attention due to its high-profile creator (and there's already plenty of well-known WoW community faces on there as well). However it plays out, this is another really good sign that Ybarra actually is one of the WoW community and has good intentions for the game and the players, so let's see what happens!
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