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Gold Challenge Mode Runs

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I'm new to the forums here, seems like a good community. I'm posting in hopes of finding some DPS to assist with challenge modes. Honestly, I took most of this expansion off (the last year), so I'm looking for some challenging content. I'm thinking this is the best I can do at this point in an expansion with an ilvl in the 520's - and besides, I really enjoy 5 man content. From what I understand, challenge mode groups can be formed X-realm now. I have a couple of friends who are willing to join me, we are looking at Tuesday nights, 7:30-10:00 EST every week. Here's the line-up:


Clawfury (Guardian, myself) - tank

Noctusmirus (Resto druid) - healer

Destro Warlock

Frost Mage

(insert DPS here)


I've spent the last few days researching and watching videos - and I'm going to work on pots, flasks, and food this weekend, as well as some more research. None of us have any experience in challenge modes, so any advice would be appreciated, as well!


I'm running a PvE rage build (7.5% hit, 15% expertise, crit > haste/mastery). I've gone for gear with as many sockets as possible. I cleared gold tank proving grounds this week to kind of prep myself.


If you're interested in joining us, even just for one night/whatever, please PM me your battle.net ID - I will respond with mine. Thanks!

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Just one more brief update - based on some feedback from experienced players on my server, and just general love for the spec / play style, I'm switching to my BrM for challenge modes. Very similar in ilvl to the Druid - I'm just working on getting some gear with extra gem sockets, and prioritizing gear with crit. Thanks for the messages guys, still could probably use 1 dps depending on schedule and such. Thanks!

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