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A Summary of All Patch 9.1 Build 38872 Class Changes

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Here's a recap of all changes that went live on the 9.1 PTR in Build 38872.

Death Knight

  • Anti-Magic Zone Anti-Magic Zone - Places an Anti-Magic Zone that reduces spell damage taken by party or raid members by 20%. The Anti-Magic Zone lasts for 8 sec or until it absorbs [ 150% of Total Health ] damage. Cooldown changed from 3 to 2 minutes.


PvP Talents

  • Star Burst Star Burst - Starfall has a chance to call calls down collapsing stars that last 15 sec. Enemies that come into contact with a star cause it to burst, knocking nearby enemies upwards and dealing [ 280% of Spell Power ] Arcane Astral damage. Generates 0 Astral Power. The Druid and their allies may pick up stars, causing them to orbit around you.
  • Leader of the Pack Leader of the Pack - Leader of the Pack also causes allies to heal themselves for 4% 5% of their maximum health when they critically hit with a direct attack. The healing effect cannot occur more than once every 8 sec.

Soulbind Conduits

  • Well-Honed Instincts Well-Honed Instincts - When you fall below 40% health, you cast Frenzied Regeneration, up to once every 90 135 sec.


PvP Talents

  • The Beast Within The Beast Within - Bestial Wrath inspires you and all nearby allied pets for 8 sec, increasing attack speed by 10% and providing immunity to Fear and Horror effects.


  • Spinning Crane Kick Spinning Crane Kick - Spinning Crane Kick's damage is increased by 15% for each unique target you've struck in the last 20 sec with Tiger Palm, Blackout Kick, or Rising Sun Kick. Stacks up to 6 times.


  • Brewmaster's Balance Brewmaster's Balance - All damage taken is reduced by 10% and your Armor is increased by 25%. Stamina increased by 30%.


  • Soothing Mist Soothing Mist’s channel is no longer interrupted by Mana Tea or Zen Focus Tea.


  • Cyclone Strikes Cyclone Strikes - Spinning Crane Kick's damage is increased by 15% for each unique target you've struck in the last 20 sec with Tiger Palm, Blackout Kick, or Rising Sun Kick. Stacks up to 6 times.

PvP Talents

  • Thunder Focus Tea (NNF) renamed to Thunderous Focus Tea Thunderous Focus Tea.
  • Perpetual Paralysis Perpetual Paralysis - Paralysis range reduced to 6 by 10 yards, but spreads to 2 new enemies when removed.
  • Dematerialize Dematerialize - Demateralize into mist while stunned, reducing damage taken by 40%, reforming over 3 sec 30%. Each second you remain stunned reduces this bonus by 10%.


Legendary Powers

  • Mark of the Master Assassin Mark of the Master Assassin PvP Rules Enabled (HARDCODED): While Stealth is active and for 2.4 sec after breaking Stealth, your Critical Strike chance is increased by 100%.



  • Windfury Totem Windfury Totem - Summons a Windfury Totem with 5 health at the feet of the caster for 2 min. Party members within 30 yds have a 10% 20% chance when they auto-attack to swing an extra time.

PvP Talents

  • Unleash Shield Unleash Shield - Summons a whirlpool for 6 sec, reducing damage and healing by 40% 50% while they stand within it.


  • Corruption Corruption - Affliction: Corrupts the target, causing [ 12% 13.8% of Spell Power ] Shadow damage and an additional [ 91% of Spell Power ] Shadow damage over 14 sec.


  • Dark Caller renamed to Summon Darkglare Summon Darkglare (Rank 2).
  • Malefic Rapture Malefic Rapture - Your damaging periodic effects erupt on all targets, causing [ bc100% 120% of bc100% of Spell Power ] Shadow damage per effect.
  • Shadow Bolt Shadow Bolt - Mana cost changed to 1.5% of Base Mana (from 2%).


  • Soul Strike Soul Strike (Level 35 Talent) - Command your Felguard to strike into the soul of its enemy, dealing [ 65.8% 131.7% of Spell Power ] Shadow damage.


  • Incinerate Incinerate - Now costs 1.5% of Base Mana (was 2%).

PvP Talents

  • Bonds of Fel Bonds of Fel - Encircle enemy players with Bonds of Fel, snaring them by 50% for 6 sec. If any target leaves the 8yd radius, deals [ 390% of Spell Power ] Fire damage, split amongst all nearby enemies. If any affected player leaves the 8 yd radius, they explode, dealing [ 390% of Spell Power ] Fire damage split amongst all nearby players.
  • Call Fel Lord Call Fel Lord
    • Affliction, Destruction: Summon a fel lord to guard the location for 15 sec. Any enemy that comes within 6 yards will suffer [ 200% of Spell Power ] Physical damage, and players struck will be stunned for 1 sec.
    • Demonology: Summon a fel lord to guard the location for 15 sec. Any enemy that comes within 6 yards will suffer [ 263.4% of Spell Power ] Physical damage, and players struck will be stunned for 1 sec.
  • Shadow Rift Shadow Rift now costs 1% of Base Mana.


Legendary Powers

  • Elysian Might Elysian Might (New Kyrian Legendary Power) - Spear of Bastion's duration is increased by 4 sec. While you remain within Spear of Bastion's area your critical strike damage is increased by 25%.

PvP Talents

  • Warbringer Warbringer - Charge roots enemies for 2 sec and emanates a shockwave past the target, rooting enemies and dealing [ 145% of Attack Power ] Physical damage in a 15 yd cone.
  • Slaughterhouse Slaughterhouse - Rampage damage reduces healing the target receives by 15% 5% for 5 8 sec, stacking up to 4 8 times.

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the slaughterhouse change is terrible. i guess fury won't be viable for arena then...

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      The Heirloom vendor in Oribos now sells the following bind-on-account items: Traveler’s Anima Cache that allows Anima to be taken to new covenants or sent to alternate characters. Valorous Equipment Chest for Valor that contains 1 piece of item level 210 Mythic 0 gear. The chest can only be purchased by a character with a 1500 or higher Mythic+ Rating. Unchained Equipment Chest for Conquest that contains 1 piece of item level 220 unranked PvP gear. The chest can only be purchased by a character with a 1600 or higher rating in any PvP bracket. Korthia and the Maw
      Archivists’ Codex Reputation The Research Reports (item upgrades) and Treatise items (bonus drops in 9.0 content) are now available for purchase account wide if a character on their account has reached the appropriate reputation Tier. Players at Tier 6 can now purchase the item “Research Report: Relic Examination Techniques”, a new bind-on-account item they can send to an alt to increase the reputation granted by Relics and Relic Fragments by 50%. The quest “Relic Efficiency” offered at Tier 4 now also increases the average number of Relics that will show up as bonus drops from rares and treasures as well as how many relics show up on daily quests or in weekly reward chests. This is in addition to the current reward of a 20% chance to receive double the normal Relic Fragment drops from rares and treasures. Added two new quests, “Relic Clues” at Tier 3 which starts the bonus at an initial 10% chance at double Relic Fragments, and “Relic Hunter” at Tier 5 that will set the final chance for double relics at 40%. Both of these new quests will also increase the average number of relics you will see as bonus drops, on daily quests or in weekly reward chests. Developers’ note: We want to improve the experience on alts looking to gear up through Korthia by providing immediate access to the upgrade unlocks and a reputation increase if a player’s main character has reached Tier 6. We also understand that the end tiers of the reputation are taking longer than we intended, especially for players with limited play time or are not powerful enough yet to delve into the rifts on Korthia. To that end we have added the new quests at Tier 3 and 5 and adjusted the one at Tier 4 to increase the Relic count from the weekly and daily rewards. This along with their other bonus of increasing the Relic Fragment drops we hope will speed up everyone’s progress to restore the Archivists’ Codex. Pet Battles
      Flawless and family-specific Battle-Training Stones now provide a flat 2,000 experience (was the amount required to gain one level). Fel-Touched Battle-Training Stones now provide a flat 10,000 experience (was the amount required to gain five levels). Battling wild pets with a team of comparable-level pets now provides double experience. Pets on your team are eligible for this bonus if no pet on your team is more than two levels higher than any pet in the wild team. The experience penalty for a pet
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