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Notes on the unholy DK guide

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My notes on the Unholy guide.

- Same comments on talents as in my frost notes

- The rotation is a bit off. It should be more like:

Unholy Frenzy

Soul Reaper

Maintain Diseases


Dark Transformation

Scourge Strike if <=90 runic power

Festering Strike if <=90 runic power

Death Coil if >90 runic power or when Sudden Doom is active

Horn of Winter

- While it sounds like it should be a benefit to only Blood Tap on B/F runes, I haven't been able to make that happen in simulation, since Scourge Strike is a very hard-hitting high priority ability. Every time I try to make the sim Blood Tap B/F only it is a moderate DPS loss. Nobody has been able to prove otherwise, either. I strongly believe that Unholy should macro Blood Tap.

The macro:



/cast Death Coil

/cast Blood Tap

- Your AE rotation is the burst AE that we will use in 5mans and on most trash. There is a secondary AE rotation used for sustained AE making use of Festering Strike to generate 4 death runes, which are then used to Blood Boil.

Apply and spread diseases

Death and Decay

Festering Strike twice so all Blood and Frost runes are now death

Blood Boil until done

Serve with a simply dressed green salad and a crisp white wine

- No need to cast or wait for buffs before summoning the gargoyle or really any pet. All guardian pets now scale dynamically with player stats in 5.x.

- This applies to the frost guide also-- Your gemming section is correct for 85 but not 90. All level 90 gems have doubled secondary stat budget. So a gem might have 100 strength, 200 haste, or 50 strength and 100 haste. Therefore, if your spec values your primary stat at under two times any secondary stat, you're better off gemming that secondary stat. Also, socket bonuses are nearly always worthwhile.

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