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Burning Crusade Classic Hotfixes: June 9th

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Some very short hotfixes for BCC today, as the Netherwing reputation quest-starting NPC arrives to Shadowmoon Valley and Aran gets better at facing people.

Blizzard LogoJune 9 (Source)

  • Mordenai has arrived in the Netherwing Fields of Shadowmoon Valley with a request for your kindness.
  • Fixed an issue where Shade of Aran in Karazhan can fail to face his target when casting Dragon's Breath.

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    • By Starym
      As the new phase arrived in Burning Crusade Classic, guilds immediately rushed into the two new raids and we have Tempest Keep already cleared by Salad Bakers , after the earlier Serpentshirne Cavern Vashj victory by Progress. Kael'thas has been defeated in only about an hour and 10 minutes after the patch/phase went live and we got the Classic World First! Let's take a look at the final boss, starting from the final face-off and skipping all the add stuff:

      Meanwhile both Progress and BEEF BAR were already in Tempest Keep after having cleared Serpentshrine Cavern before the Kael kill happened and are racing for the overall first spot (although Salad Bakers could also snag it, as they're immediately headed to SSC, but it's a bit of a stretch).
      Update: Progress managed to claim the overall win in the race, becoming the first guild to clear both SSC and TK (but got the final Kael'thas kill just a minute before BEEF BAR, who claimed second place)!
      Here's the Lady Vashj World First by Progress in case you missed it as well:

    • By Starym
      As the new phase of Burning Crusade Classic arrives so the guilds rushed right into both raids and Serpentshrine Cavern has been cleared! Blizzard actually talked about how the raids were closer to their pre-nerf stages in a blue post today, but apparently they aren't that hard for the top guilds after all.
      Lady Vashj has been taken down, with only the Lurker Below skipped, as Progress moved to the final boss under an hour after the Overlords of Outland phase/patch came up! Let's take a look at the Vashj kill:

      The World second cam in a few minutes later, as BEEF BAR took the final boss down as well. Both guilds will be moving on to Tempest Keep now, so they can be the first/second to clear both raids. Kael'thas hasn't been killed so far, but it's coming soon as other guilds have already cleared a lot of the keep.
    • By Staff
      Burning Crusade Classic phase 2, Overlords of Outland has gone live! Check out everything that is now here:
        Lady Vashj and Kael'thas Sunstrider—the cunning Overlords of Outland—have long served Illidan Stormrage, the Betrayer. Now is the time to bring their wretched rule to an end. The Overlords of Outland content update is now live, featuring:
      New Raids
      Gaining access to Serpentshrine Cavern and The Eye in Tempest Keep requires preparation and a trusty band of heroes at your side. Muster your forces and get ready for battle. Learn more about the Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep attunements.
      Serpentshrine Cavern
      Slay the twisted Lady Vashj and her vicious fiends in her watery lair—Serpentshrine Cavern.

      The Eye
      Infiltrate the heart of a crystalline fortress to end the madness of the corrupted Kael’thas Sunstrider and his warped loyalists.

      Arena Season 2
      Brutalize your faction’s enemies on the battlefield with the advent of Arena Season 2! Victorious players will earn Arena Points to exchange for better gear so they can fight against other similar-skilled opponents, as well as an exclusive Gladiator mount for the top 0.5% of all players. In addition, faction quartermasters across Outland will offer entry-level PvP gear to those who earn their trust.

      Ogri’la and Sha’tari Skyguard Daily Quests
      Make new allies in Outland with the Ogri’la and Shatari Skyguard factions. Complete daily quests to earn these factions’ favor and in turn receive lucrative rewards.
      Guild Banks
      Share raid and dungeons spoils amongst your guildmates with the Guild Bank! This in-game storage allows guild members to withdraw and deposit items and currency, making it easier to determine at glance what consumables you have available (or need to make!) for your next group activity.

      Looking for Group Tool
      Find like-minded players and make new friends with the Looking for Group Tool. Simply list your class and specialization so group leaders on your realm can invite you to their party or raid.
      The Overlords of Outland will wait no longer, champion. . . .
    • By Staff
      Blizzard has posted a list of Phase 2 features that are frequently reported as bugs but are actually working as intended.
      In our efforts to re-create the earliest or so-called “pre-nerf” versions of encounters in Serpentshrine Cavern or The Eye for Burning Crusade Classic, many encounters may behave differently than how players whom had experience with these encounters may remember them from the later content patches after patch 2.1 of the original release of The Burning Crusade. To help alleviate some confusion, below you will find a sampling of issues reported to us from the PTR that we currently consider to be working as intended or “Not A Bug” in the iteration of these encounters that is going live today in Phase 2 of Burning Crusade Classic.
      Please do note that this list is not a comprehensive list of differences between the original and “post-nerf” versions of these encounters. There are many other differences that are not listed here.
      At a later date, many bosses and mechanics (including some of those listed below) will change to their final iterations.
      The Eye
      Al’ar will often do a normal melee hit on the target of its Charge attack. Al’ar will choose to spawn between 0 and 3 adds at the times during the encounter when the boss is able to do so. There are a total of six locations that Al’ar can fly to during a platform transition in Phase 1 of the encounter. Serpentshrine Cavern
      Morogrim Tidewalker
      The Tidewalker Lurker adds summoned by Morogrim Tidewalker do indeed have the correct amount of health. Water Globules summoned by Tidewalker during the final phase of the encounter will only Freeze the player that is targeted by and actively pursued by the Globule. Fathom Lord Karathress
      The Fathom Lurker is immune to banish. The Lurker Below
      Scalding Water is correctly able to pierce immunities. Lady Vashj
      Lady Vashj can and often will decide to wield her bow and begin using her Shoot ability on random players other than her current threat target. The Tainted Core items dropped by Tainted Elementals will be able to be Free For All looted at all times, regardless of the loot method selected when the encounter is initiated. Zone Creatures
      Serpentshrine Lurkers are immune to banish Coilfang Serpentguard will reflect all spells cast for the duration of their Spell Reflect spell.
    • By Staff
      The launch of phase 2 of Burning Crusade Classic has been delayed by 1.5 hours.
      Phase 2 Launch Delay (Source)
      Due to unforeseen circumstances, today’s content unlock has been delayed by 90 minutes. We will now unlock at:
      0:30 BST / 1:30 CEST on Thursday, 16 September.
      4:30 p.m. PDT / 6:30 p.m. CDT / 7:30 p.m. EDT.
      7:30 a.m. AWST / 9:30 a.m. AEST / 11:30 a.m. NZST.
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