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Hello everybody,


I search a software for improve my moonkin with the stats. My char :


I need to have ~15% hit and not more haste what 1300.


Can i have advices for my dps too. I think i have not a bad dps but i  can upgrade this.


Logs yesterday :


When i will have the legendary mantle, it will be good!



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Hi, and welcome to Icy Veins!


First: you are logged out in your Feral gear, so I cannot guess where your damage should be. For a basic tool to help with your stats, try ReforgeLite.


Iron Juggernaut:


DoT Uptime is good - 95% and 96%.


You are missing a Starfall - you should use it once at the beginning of the fight, once for each Celestial Alignment, and once for each lunar eclipse.


Nature's Grace uptime is 75%. You would like to see this higher, especially on a single target fight. This makes me think you are re-applying your DoTs too frequently. If you are using 5273 haste, you will not be able to get this as high, but 75% still seems low for single target. If you are using 10289, you should be able to get significantly higher.


You used Starsurge 47 times, but you had 59 Starsurge procs. Try to be quicker using them, as I think you may be reacting a little too slowly.

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I found that it's normal (especially in high crit) to miss 30% of your Procs. Maybe over estimating but that's what it seemed like when I was last looking into it.

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