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Spiritual Insight quastion!

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Hi :)

I'm on a Resto spec, and I've tried to hit the raid training dummy with lightning bolt , I get Miss alot.

I thought that cause its 15% so I reforged to 2.04% Hit rating , and still getting a Miss every 4 to 5 Lightning bolt

is it working as intended or there is something wrong ?


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Hi Amajed

The reason you miss a lot on the raider's training dummy is because the dummies have already been updated for Mists of Pandaria. That means that the raid training dummy is already level 93 instead of 88. I suggest you test on the level 85 dummy for now.

Kind Regards

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hmmm would never thought about that Posted Image

so , since the spell_nature_elementalabsorption.jpgSpiritual Insight give 15% should I reforege for more 2% hit chance ? or 15% will never miss as stated in Icy Veins guide:

"Posted ImageGlyph of Telluric Currents restores 2% of your mana when you cast Posted ImageLightning Bolt. Note that thanks to your Posted ImageSpiritual Insight passive ability, your Lightning Bolt will never miss."

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