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Final Look at 9.0.5 Covenant Distribution

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Our stats-based farewell to the 9.0 patch cycle continues after the Mythic+ and Castle Nathria logs, as we take a final look at the Covenant distribution for each spec and each PvE activity, as well as an overall number, based on Subcreation and wowranks.io.

We won't get into too much detail here, as we're just taking a quick look at the final standings for the first patch cycle, starting with the overall Covenant numbers:

Data by wowranks.io.

"Shockingly" the Night Fae are still at the top, just as they were the last 50 times we checked, and they even seem to have even grown more popular since the last time we took a look. Hopefully 9.1 might be able to address this with the new legendaries and class changes.

Then we're on to the activity and spec-specific distribution, starting with the DPS role:


Covenant-Melee.jpgData gathered and presented by Subcreation, based on Raider.IO and Warcraft Logs numbers.

The Night Fae domination is pretty clear for the ranged classes, while the melee are significantly more diverse (although still have plenty of purple in there).

And then we're on to the tanks and healers:


Data gathered and presented by Subcreation, based on Raider.IO and Warcraft Logs numbers.

The tanks and healers are actually pretty well balanced, with Druids being the big exception throughout all roles, as they just love those Fae, no matter what they're doing in dungeons or raids!

It's going to be very interesting to see what the 9.1 class changes and the new raid do to this fairly set Covenant distribution, and we're looking forward to checking back and finding out!

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