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Troubled by Insurrection

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In an attempt to unlock the allied race, Nightborne, I ran into an issue where I don't receive any progress after completing the content. I grabbed the Quest from Kadgar at level 45 and traveled through the portal to meet with (what-ever-her-name-is and fought through the manastarved nightborne until we reached our would-be Base-of-Operations. I proceeded to continue with the quest line from there while also doing a strong majority of the side quests (I'm a completionist). Because of that, I ended up hitting level 50 half-way through the quest line and Chromie pulled me out of the timeline. I continued to pursue the allied race, completing as many quests in Suramar as I could. Still, I have made no progress towards the Insurrection achievement.

I've researched and tried to figure out where I could have gone wrong or what I was missing and so far, have had no luck. I've gone back to Kadgar to see if he has any related quests, including making low level quests visible and checked my adventurers log. I then opted to try some scripts to see where I was missing progress.

/run print(C_QuestLog.IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(39985))

/run print(C_QuestLog.IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(39986))

/run print(C_QuestLog.IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(39987))

/run print(C_QuestLog.IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(40008))

/run print(C_QuestLog.IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(40123))

/run print(C_QuestLog.IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(40009))

/run print(C_QuestLog.IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(42229))

After running each of these scripts, the only one that didn't yield "TRUE" was the first one which is supposed to be related to that first quest from Kadgar. No matter what I try to do, I can't seem to gain access to any quests from him that could fix the problem. I'm here now making this post because Blizzard told me to even though they're supposed to pay people for these types of issues. If anyone can provide me with any paths forward beyond just leveling a new character to level 45 and locking its level to make sure I don't go past 50, that would be great!

Thanks for taking the time to read all of this,


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