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Warr fury DPS fix

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Hello guys!!


Recently I joined a HC progression core and I (and my teammates) believe that my dps is far bellow it should be....


Here is a log from Iron Juggernaut fight




And one from Malkorok's fight (where I was soaking pool's dmg and sometimes getting out of range from the boss)




Its my first time using logs so idk if I am linking the right fights... my teammates gave me this link, just in case im doing smt wrong http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-ivag4cqqxcqpwqhx/rankinfo/ :3


My armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/azralon/kalashtar/simple



Thanks for the help!!

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I have got a look in.


First you have to upgrade your stuff (second weeks you should at least have 2k Valor point)


For Juggernaut:




So for gaining some DPS you have to:


- Switch Zerk stance when you take high damage too gaining rage

- I prefer DR than BS (you can see twice more damage than BS on the link)

- you have a rotation problem (not enough BT which are top one priority so of course not enough RB cause of that)

- same problem with your stormbolt (it has to be used always under CS time)

- try to not reforge your mastery on your caracter


So you have to correct and pratice your rotation.


For Malkorok:




- Same problem with RB.

- You have to switch on Zerk stance every Boss rage time (p2) you will gain rage so DPS

- Do less WS and more HS. (Except low rage time)

- You can use more Heoic Leap.

- You have melee problem (you should be 100 %)

- you probably also have an execution bad rotation.

- You can use more WW on adds when BS is not up. (with glyph extra dps)

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After a quick glance at your logs, I think the main issue comes from your CS management and your RB management.


The first thing, however, is something that's common to a lot of warriors that come here: You are not using Bloodthirst enough. On Malkorok, for instance, you used 46 BTs out of a possible 75. That's barely above 60% of them. Of course, having a 100% BT usage is unrealistic, but the more of them you use, the more Raging Blows you'll get, and the higher your enrage uptime will be.


For example, on Malkorok, your enrage uptime was 66%, which is unacceptable for someone with a 40% unbuffed crit chance, and you generated 30 Raging Blow charges over the course of a 5:40 fight. To give you a rough idea, on a fight of that length, that's about the enrage uptime and RB charges I'd expect to see of someone with 25% to 30% crit chance.


In the same order of ideas, you wasted 33% of your Raging Blows. Out of the 30 charges you generated, you managed to cast only 20. Remember to cast RB everytime you get a 2nd charge of it, to make sure your next BT or CS doesn't waste it, and to cast RB if you only have 1 charge but that it will drop before you get to cast BT again.


On Malkorok, you cast Colossus Smash 12 out of 17 possible times. That is an insane DPS loss. Having 1 CS less than optimal can be understandable, but missing more than 33% of them is not. Moreover, you used 11 Stormbolts, which is 1 less than your CS use. Not getting a Stormbolt within every CS while you're already not using them on cooldown is inexcusable.


TL;DR: Use BT more, don't waste RB charges, use CS a lot more.


I hope this helps,



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- I prefer DR than BS (you can see twice more damage than BS on the link)


You shouldn't take DR ever as a Titan's Grip warrior. Bladestorm is the best talent both for single target and AoE.

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