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What am i doing wrong.. my rotation is shit they say :(

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Hey guys and girls smile.png.. didnt use xuen that fight smile.png

Im looking for help with my rotation.. I dont know what im doing wrong.. and a friend recommended that i asked u guys..

Just did some damage on a Training dummy  -


here is an imgur.. i know its Recount and shit biggrin.png..



Did 17 Tiger palms  pic doesnt show

time for fight : 4 mins 49 seconds..

hopefully someone can help me.. ure welcome to add min ingame..  

if u need more info :  Loppen#2614

thanks guys smile.png

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I can't tell much from just Recount, especially without a fight duration.  Try to get a combat log and upload it to a parser, as this post describes:



Things I can see:


Rising Sun Kick is priority one, and might have not been used on CD as tightly as you should've.

Chi Wave should've also seen more uses.

You have a LOT of Fists of Fury ticks.  It's not an ability that you want to use on CD, you only want to use it when you can benefit from the energy regen for it's entire duration.

17 Tiger Palms are a lot.  You never want to spend Chi on it, unless you don't have the buff up or if it's going to fall soon.


Link a log, armory, anything and I can tell more.

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Your hit and expertise are both way over what they should be.  You're aiming for 7.5% each, and any above that is essentially wasted.


Your haste is good, but with that much, you shouldn't be using Fists as much as you are.  Only use it for energy regen, and only after other avenues are spent (such as free combo fillers and Energizing Brew.)


Your logs show you gaining 82 stacks of Tigerseye Brew, but only using brew 7 times.  (From Siegecrafter)


Rising Sun Kick. Rising Sun Kick. Rising Sun Kick.  I want you to chant that to yourself every 8 seconds.  It's one of your largest damage sources, not only from the debuff but from it's upfront damage.  You missed 5, or 40 seconds worth, on your Siegecrafter parse.




Check this out for reducing your Expertise:



Also be aware that you're fairly close to Crit capping (which, for monks is around 57%, because of the Dual Wield Miss/Glance chance.)  After you do, start trading Agi/Crit gems to Agi gems until you're under 57%.  Rinse and repeat for each upgrade.

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