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Some advices for fury dps

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Hello all.

I really could use some advices about how to improve my fury dps cause as far as i can tell it sucks for the ilvl i got.

A reason that i think i can't play him properly is that my main was a death knight for a long time and i just can't get yet in the phyloshophy of "do nothing - pool rage out of CS)wacko.png .

My armory



A log



Thanks in advance.

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I wouldn't say that your DPS sucks. Could it be better? Definitely, but you're far from horrible.


The "6 seconds of CS, 14 seconds of doing nothing" is more of a metaphor than anything else. Especially with higher ilvl gear, you're literally never doing nothing. It just comes down to 2 different spell priorities: 1 within CS, 1 outside of it.


Looking at your log, I do see a couple issues: The first one is that you got to cast 10 CS (which is perfect, considering the fight length), but only 6 Stormbolts. You have an 582 EEoG, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't get a Stormbolt during each CS.


By the looks of your damage graph, you stopped using RB altogether during the execute phase. However, you should use RB as a filler attack in between CS at that point, and only use execute during CS, or at high rage outside of it. By the looks of it, you are also using your RB charges really quickly when you generate them. Make sure to save them for CS as much as you can. It is not as bad as it could be, since your crit chance is high enough to almost guarantee a BT crit, but your RB usage could still be slightly better.


Your CD usage has room for improvement too: Your 2nd and 3rd casts of Recklessness (where applicable) are usually not entirely covering your CS. You also seem to never have used a 2nd potion.


Overall though, it's not that bad at all. Focus on getting your CS bursts fine, mainly by using Stormbolt in every one of them, and you should already see some improvement.


I hope this helps,



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Hi Ragebarr,


first of all,sorry OP for taking your thread, as I diddn't want to create the X one of this topic ;-) hope it's okay. English is note my native lang. so please don't be too harsh ^^


Secondly, Ragebarr: Awesome dude^^ it's great that there's a way to contact and get a analysis THIS deep and individual. Keep it up =)


Sooo, after having said all this: I need some kind of help this time.


I'm dooing PVE since MoP active. Before i was doing PvP since '07, and i give my best getting better and  better day for day. But somehow there's a lack of DPS in my playstyle. God thanks thok gave me his Tail last Friday (had Skeer nhc since October last year^^). This helps with the DPS, but not the core Prob. 25 man hc ok i have to upgrade CPU (SB sometimes won't be recognized due to lag -.- )


But I don't know where to improve. I have a clue, but i have no reference to what is okay for HS in a whole fight, bc my old Raidlead gave me a hint that im doing too less HS in a whole Bossfight.


Char: http://eu.battle.net/wow/de/character/thrall/Suki/advanced


CS-Phase looks like: BT - CSx - SBx - RBx - BTx - RBx


while the non-capital x stands for HS.

but if im honest to myself, i see me doing some cs with SB @ 3rd style; sometimes even just in time at last, maybe bc of "just" heroic Galakras ans the delay after some sb?


Log: (dont have an active Raid atm so i had to Flex sad.png )



I hope you actually do have time to look into this, it will be so appr. 

Everything i can improve is truely welcome.


Thanks in advice for taking your time Rage,


have a nice day!



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First of all, Suki, you have a HWF Thok's Tail Tip, therefore I hate you :)


Now that this is out of the way, I can start looking at your logs. By the way, Garrosh is a pain to analyze. If you could get me a Malkorok or Iron Juggernaut log, even if it's just LFR, it would help me a lot.


The main things I see from Garrosh though, is that you probably could use BT slightly more, tu push up your enrage uptime and to generate more RB charges. However, try to make sure to not waste RB charges. By the looks of it, you wasted most of them during the AoE at the beginning of the fight. RB is still a big part of your AoE, especially when you have 2-3 Meat Cleaver stacks.


It also looks like you're using HS a lot outside of CS. The main rule is use 5 HS during CS, and only use it to prevent capping rage outside of it. Normally, you want to use WS to bleed rage outside CS, and if WS isn't enough, then you use 1 or 2 HS to bleed a bit more. I'd like to see slightly (not a lot) more WS and very slightly less HS in your logs. (Don't go using HS when you don't need to, but try to replace some HS outside of CS by WS if you have the free GCDs basically).


You also used RB within CS during execute a couple times. When the boss is sub-20%, you want to use SB + Execute x3 within CS, and spend all your RB charges outside of CS. You also don't want to be using HS anymore, if you're about to cap, use an Execute outside of CS.


Finally, you can time your cooldowns better. Out of your 3 Recklessnesses, 2 of them didn't fully cover a CS.


That's about as much as I can tell from this. If you want, I can take a better look at your pure single target stuff if you send me a Malkorok or IJ log.


I hope this helps you,



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