Prot - 528 Blackfuse str 1h vs 556 Garrosh agility 1h

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Simple question from someone who doesn't really know how to math this out. Which option would provide a greatest overall effectiveness in terms of both dps and survivability? How did you arrive at your conclusion?

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626 Strength

1059 Stamina

438 Haste

419 Mastery

1 Socket


As there are no 556 items, I'm guessing you mean 569? Otherwise, there are no agility 1h weapons from Garrosh in the 553 ilvl.

Agi Heirloom:

875 Agility

1553 Stamina

610 Crit

610 Mastery

2 Sockets


Neither option is good. The Blackfuse 1h is not a good weapon for any sort of warrior. Haste does nothing for us, so that is 400 stats of worthlessness. Yes, you can reforge, but you're still going to have some portion of completely useless stats. The advantage that the mace has is its strength. In terms of AP 1 point of Str is 2 points of AP. Agility gives only one point of AP per one point of Agi. Strength also gives nearly one to one parry. The heirloom has the advantage of 2 sockets and crit. If you put parry or dodge gems in the heirloom, it would likely be slightly better than the Blckfuse mace. Slightly.


Either way, they're both bad. Try to get the mace from Immerseus, the axe from Shaman, or even the heirloom strength sword.

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I'm trying to make the most of a bad situation with this post. I'll stick with the agility weapon for now then. I wasn't aware of str - parry being nearly 1:1 with parry rating though. That's an interesting one.


Also, 556 weapons are flex heirlooms with 4x upgrade levels from the previous patch.

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Ahh, okay. Keep in mind then that the agi weapon becomes even weaker then due to the lesser ilvl. That would probably make the strength one slightly better, though the agi one will have the advantage of zero cost to upgrade.

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