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Sanctum of Domination Mythic Race: A Fateful Day 4

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Day 4 of the race saw basically the opposite of the previous day, as we saw very little from Echo and Complexity-Limit kept pushing all day, earning themselves a World First and the lead in the process.

The first half  of the day was the most uneventful of the entire race, as Echo went straight into their Heroic splits which they have been postponing since the start, and here's a big spoiler: they continued to do that for the entirety of the day! We can't be sure whether this was due to them off-stream pulling the Fatescribe a few times beforehand and deciding it wasn't doable with the gear they had, or just because it was a good time for it generally. Either way the early part of the day saw Chinese guilds slowly catch back up with some 4/10s and eventually 5/10s as well, with Aster, Skyline and JTH getting to the Painsmith by the end of the day.

So day 4 was very much Limit's day, as they had all their chores done and had only progress on their mind. The Fatesmith didn't have a really hard wall as he was down to 20ish% after only a few hours, and progress was very consistent and linear , at least up until a special surprise right around the 10-15% mark:

Big boom, much wipe indeed. While this particular snag certainly slowed down progression and made it a lot less linear, it only took Limit another 1.5 hours to get the Fatescribe done, coming in right around the very expected 50ish pull mark (53 in this case) and earning the Complexity team another World First, the lead in the race and access to the penultimate boss of the raid! Fatescribe was a pretty fun boss to watch in general, as it's not just infinity spikes and jumping around them in various creative ways, but he also didn't overstay his welcome.

And here's the kill composition for that World First:


And so Complexity-Limit entered the VERY familiar waters of "now we're going to progress on only these two bosses for about 1.5 weeks", only one stage before the inevitable "oh my god Sylvanas is all there is help" final form of your standard Race to World First top guild schedule.

Speaking of very familiar, Kel'Thuzad is back! Again. And again. And then one final time. That's right, you have to defeat this particular boss 4 times, with the Phylactery intermissions between them and the Remnant's HP on top of all that. Because of that what % the boss is at is apparently a not-so-clear discussion, as Limit's event stream has the boss at one percentage, Warcraft Logs at another, much lower one. We're just going to assume the people actually killing the boss know a bit more about it and take their numbers as accurate (and also because they make a whole lot more sense). 44.51% is the magic number so far, after 64 pulls and about 8 hours on the boss, so we can definitely conclude he will NOT be a pushover. Here's the 44.91% pull and not the current best one, because 0.4% was not worth me digging up a new clip that's why and I don't care if you hate me for it!!1111

There are some very angry abominations in there and a whole lot going on, so I'd say we'll be seeing a lot more of Kel'Thuzad in the coming days. Aside from Limit's progress we also got some pretty impressive kills as well, as Method are pushing hard this tier, aiming for that 3rd place and so far succeeding. They claimed the World 3rd on both Painsmith and the Guardian of the First Ones before calling it a night, quite convincingly surpassing former bronze holders BDGG, who took quite a bit longer to get to that 7/10. BDGG did, however, have some additional time to progress on the Fatesmith, getting him down to 48%.

At the end of the day we have Complexity-Limit out in front by 1, Echo sitting pretty on their new hoard of Heroic look and ready to take out Fatesmith in record time, now having all the info on the fight, Method and BDGG  actually tied with Echo on 7/10, and then 11 guild hosting many, MANY unfortunate souls for whom the pain is only just beginning, as the 5/10 slot is the worst place to be right now in the Sanctum. Aside from the Chinese guilds we mentioned earlier we have Impact, Halcyon, Soniqs Imperative and Club Camel sitting on a whole lot of spikes for the foreseeable future, wishing they were on any other boss. Like Hogger. Or Heigan. Ok that last one might be the one exception actually.

So, when it comes to the World First race even a day with "only" one WF still has plenty of action to cover and this should do it, so if you want to follow along with the race live, you can check out my/Raider.IO's live text coverage over here, or one of the guild streaming events here

As you can see below my dream of a mystery guild coming in and completing the symmetry of the progress graphic has been shattered, so I personally no longer care about the race, as that was my only concern.


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