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Sanctum of Domination Mythic Race: An Unending Day 7

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Update 2: Echo have done it! Check out the kill and a lot more info here.

Update: Complexity-Limit have called it a night! Echo are in the raid and about to pull, so it's all on them!

This is a somewhat difficult summary to do, as the day isn't over yet. We've seen and posted about the frankly insane pulls from both Echo and Complexity-Limit, but with the pulls being SO close, Limit do not want to go sleep only to see the boss be defeated as they slumber. And so the day isn't really done yet, as they are STILL raiding, at 1 AM local time after a 16+ hour day of raiding.

Back to the start of the day, however, Echo pulled themselves up from their unpleasant 50% surprise and kept pushing and then some. Both guilds actually threw in a few Mythic+ runs and some minor gear upgrade opportunities here and there, but it was mostly just ALL day of Sylvanas, full-time. A lot of early time went into re-jiggering the raid compositions on both sides, focusing on that all-important final phase DPS, as healing cooldown timings were re-set, every bit of comfort/margin for error sacrificed for that +1 damage.

The first major event of the day was the very controversial hotfix in the middle of an Echo pull, as they came up with a new strategy of basically off-tanking an entire side in phase 2/the chain phase as a DK just hung out over on their side while everyone destroyed the other. The hotfix added an enrage to the mob at the end, making the strat impossible. Much has been said on this already, but just to add my own perspective - while having unannounced hotfixes like this isn't great and should be handled differently, it's also been a part of the raid race since its inception. I remember the exact same thing happening back on Burning Crusade Illidan, as one of his abilities did nothing because we outranged it with a Tauren tank, and 1-shot Kungen with the next swing. It would certainly be better if Blizzard communicated these things better and players didn't have to find out about them mid-pull, but this genuniely is the way it's always been, and all the raiders know this, as it happens basically in every single raid to some degree.

Echo weren't that slowed by the hotfix, however, as they continued to dominate the day, taking best after best, and even ending their day early! Their best was 46.53, 1.53% away from the presumed 45% endpoint, and they called it a day after pull 155:

It took Complexity-Limit quite a while to catch up and get another best try to beat their previous day's best, but once they did, it was showtime. The moved into the lead and had a couple of sub-46% pulls, the latest coming only about 40 minutes ago, so let's take a look:

That's right, 0.44% away from the presumed 45% magic number, but as we've mentioned before, it might be a little higher or lower than that, and that's not even counting the pretty insane possibility that it's at 40%.

They day was one of the best in this and honestly any Race to World First, as the two guilds pushed side-by-side, and are about to do so again very soon when Echo wakes up. Complexity-Limit are showing NO signs of letting this go and going to sleep, so it's safe to assume they're here until their maintenance about 8 hours from now, at which point they may take a short nap and then come back (if the boss is still up, that is). It's going to be a VERY interesting morning, so DEFINITELY go to the guild streams and check the action out.

There were also some hotfixes of note, with Slyvanas getting some changes, but those were active for most of the day anyway so they didn't change much, however the Kel'Thuzad changes are more significant and might make the re-clear a lot more interesting. Blizzard decided to shut the trinket revive strategy down, as the mobs will no longer despawn when the target/threat holder dies. This might make it a problem for Limit to reclear quickly, that is if we even make it to their reset without Sylvanas dying.

In closing, here's another really cool Raider.IO graph, as you can follow the actual progress time by each of the two top guilds on the boss, as in the actual time spent on her, without any other outside factors (and just click on it to see the hoverable and always updated version):


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