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Sylvanas Windrunner Mythic World First by Echo! 45%!

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45 was indeed the magic number. The Sanctum of Domination Race to World First has received its brand new champions! Sylvanas Windrunner has fallen to Echo after four days of progress on her, and 8 days on the raid altogether, before the US reset, with ZERO deaths in the final pull.

The fight was accessed four days ago, but the progress was swift, with a 70% end of day 1, and the very dramatic 49% on day 2, with yesterday/today just continuing on and merging with the 45.4% best, as Complexity-Limit just did not stop during their night, only going to sleep around 4 AM local time. It was hotly debated whether this encounter was even doable with only the first week's worth of gear, but Echo proved it was with an incredible display of skill and determination! Pull after impossible pull, they just kept pushing beyond what seemed achievable, slightly gambled on the boss living as they went to bed yesterday, and finally got it down today. Huge congratulations to Echo on the achievement and on the crown, their first ever endboss kill and race victory! Here's the kill VoD (starting in Phase 3):

It's been a while since we've seen a first week boss death, as we have to go back to the beginning of 2019 and the Battle of Dazar'alor - interestingly with another faction higher-up, Jaina, also being defeated (and not really dying) within the first week. Jaina did however last a bit longer than Sylvanas, being taken down in the Tuesday EU afternoon by Method, so we'll have to go back a bit further, to either the Trial of Valor (which only had three bosses so might not be the best comparison), or even further than that: the Emerald Nightmare, perhaps the most disappointing race of all time, which only lasted 18 hours back at the start of Legion.

The Sanctum certainly wasn't anywhere near a disappointment, however, as it perhaps did last less than expected, but a lot of the bosses were really top quality and put the guilds to the test, with Sylanas being perfectly tuned for the first week. And it offered up one of the most dramatic Race to World First experiences of all time, so there's that too. Once again, congratulations to Echo, this was a truly crazy achievement.

And the full video:

The full team composition, with ZERO deaths the entire encounter!


The nerdscreams only clip:

Sylvanas took 176 pulls to down!

And finally, here's the comparison graph for time spent on the boss and progress:


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