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So I currently roll as 2h frost; I would go Unholy, because it's more fun, but I'm sitting at 528 Ilvl and 2h frost is just performing better, and on the previous thread I made it seemed like the consensus was that Unholy doesn't start outperforming until you start reaching the higher echelons of gear (i'd be dw but getting 2 weapons to drop is crap). That being said, I do ~120k to ~160k dps right now; around what ilvl will I be able to push 200k? Are there any trinkets/specific items I should be saving rolls for that will significantly boost my dps? Reason being I want look more attractive to flex raids/guilds as I'm gearing up. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/illidan/Gottlos/advanced for reference.

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