Frost Mage DPS for Heroic SoO

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Hey everyone,

I'd like some feedback regarding recent logs for Heroic SoO. I'm a frost mage, 567 Ilvl, with armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/sargeras/Xariste/simple

EDIT: Experimenting with fire despite my poor itemization, so armory might not be too helpful.

I'm going for the 14242 haste cap since I simply cannot get 18960 with this gear. Here are my logs:


Some things to point out:

My main concern was the somewhat lackluster dps on IJ. My bomb and invoker's uptime were great, had a good pull, snapshotted decently (at least I think, this might be the problem) and hit 50/55 BF procs (Yes this is a problem, but I don't think it's enough to bring my DPS down that much). I did cast a IL without a FoF proc too. Any comments on what I can do to improve?

Some unfortunate RNG deaths (as well as silly mistakes) on the earlier kills, so they may not be too helpful. Here are some extra logs if there's not enough decent material:


In particular, the fallen protectors and sha kill.


Thanks a lot guys for reading this.

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Good day to you fellow mage

From checking through your logs (IJ ones) I can see only one thing (if you want to get into snapshotting WCL link pls <3)
Taking into consideration the length of your kill, you should had waited with that second icy veins, in order to use it together with the third PBoI proc.

Further than that I can see you using FFB followed up by FoF - Icelance (at least I hope those are FoF'd icelances.)

What I see as well is that you tend to use abit too many defensive cooldowns. That is on the one side a good thing, but on the other it means that you bring yourself in a situation where Iceblock or Greater Inv are needed. This means purely that you don;t have enough experience with the fight (which is perfectly ok).
It might be the case your team is messing with you by kiting borrer drills/lasers over you, but I would recommend especially as a Frost mage to always move when you spend FoF/FFB.



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