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Paladin Retribution Haste Rating.

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Hi all,

first I would like to say a big well done about the site.

I'm French and I must Admit that I don't understand all, but I will insite and things will be better in the future.

So my question is, can you tell me what is the hast rating you can recommende me please, because I don't have any idea about the score for a lvl 85

thank all


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Hey there!

First things first you should know about the stat weights right now for ret paladins. That is you should know what is considered the best option for your reforgeing, gear selection and so on. Right now at level 85 the stat weight is Strength > Haste > Mastery > Crit. The reason why haste has become such a big deal for ret is because of Sanctity of Battle. So essentially the more haste you have the more holy power you are going to produce, Thus the more damage you will do.

So that being said there really isn't a point where haste rating is bad for you. So if you are going to reforge, always take away from undesireable stats, such as excessive hit or expertise first then crit second and finally mastery (Seeing as mastery is our second best stat at the moment.) If you do this I think you will find you will do more damage in PvE or PVP.

Your friendly neighborhood pally,


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