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563 ilvl: Appropriate Destro DPS?

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Hey guys,


I've recently become concerned that my DPS on my destruction warlock is not quite up to par. I've gone to Sparkuggz's website and read through everything here on IcyVeins, but it still seems as if my numbers, particularly single target, are 20 or 30 thousand shy of what they should be.


I am 563 item level with the meta gem, legendary cape, 4-set, pbi (flex), and ktt (flex).


Here is my armory:



But i am not concerned about my gear; I am fairly confident that is optimized and even if it were not it would make little difference. (Hit>Mastery>Haste>Crit to compensate for multi-target fights)


On a single target fight (like Iron Jug) I will normally do between 290k-300k dps. However, I have heard that it is possible for warlocks to do 320k or even 330k dps as low as 560 item level. It is nearly impossible for me to ever do more than 300k dps unless I am fully raid buffed and flasked with food, with everything proccing satisfactorily in the opener and performing an near perfect rotation throughout the encounter. If PBI procs late in the opener, I will probably be stuck at 295k dps at the end of the fight.


I have spent today logging flexes to post on here if anyone wants to look at them (I'm not sure how productive it can be to look at logs, but just for the sake of it), here is the report:



The best ones to look at are probably Protectors and Iron Juggernaut, as those are the ones I felt most focused on and made the fewest mistakes; Malkorok would also be okay but fight mechanics obviously had an impact on my DPS because of heavy movement.


If any more information I can provide is helpful, please ask;

Thanks for the help in advance!







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You took the logs yourself? Please upload them to http://www.warcraftlogs.com/ WoL is basically dead, out dated and poorly maintained. Warcraftlogs is 500x better then it and makes it MUCH easier for us to review your logs.


WoL is very limited in what we can do with it, but from these logs it looks like you're not snap shotting your trinkets/DS very well. Incinerate is higher then CB on both Malk and IJ, at your item level CB should beat Incinerate is almost all cases. 


Immolate uptime is good.


IJ looks like your cape and your KTT screwed you a bit there, they both on are the low end of their RNG and did shit all for damage. Nothing you can do to stop that from happening, just sucks when it does.


KTT did okay for Malk, cape screwed you again.


Shadowburn usage looks really low for Malk, only 3 casts? Unless the sub-20% burn on Malk was wicked fast, should have had more time then for just 3 casts.




Load those logs in to Warcraftlogs and we can give a lot more detailed info.

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Thank you.



on Iron Jug As you can see in this link you casted a LOT of CBs outside of buffs, I'm counting 11 so about half of them. You should almost never be double CBing one after another when  you don't have trinkets/DS up, save the dump for when you have buffs.


Check this link for Malk, it was a lot better usage of your CBs AND of your shadowburns. Very well done.



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Looking at Protectors, the same thing Locky's looking at, you did very well on that. You had one instance where you double-Chaos Bolted about a minute into the fight, but that I'm assuming was for Havoc. You may consider using Havoc between DS/PBI as simply an ember builder rather than for Chaos Bolts if you don't have a trinket up. I'm not sure if Zag/Locky still played it that way before they abandoned Destro to the depths it belongs in, but it's at least what I was doing when I played Destro on that fight.


You look like you've got a good handle and understanding on the spec. From where you are, I think the majority of your improvement is really going to be just fine-tuning and working toward being very conscious of what you're doing to catch your mistakes or at least realize you're making them as it happens to remember to work harder after that.

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