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Warlock Draining 5 Players Within 1.5 Seconds

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Warlocks can benefit from a lot of Legendaries at once to one-shot groups of players within just 1.5 seconds.

In his latest video, Rextroy shows off a Warlock combo that is capable of one-shotting groups of players really fast.


This combo is built around Inevitable Demise, the affliction warlock talent that increases drain life damage by up to 750%!

This will be combined with a lot of other modifiers, including 3 other legendary effects, to be able to destroy enemies within just a few seconds. The legendary effects we are going to use is Wrath of Consumption Wrath of Consumption. This will be stacked before combat, to gain a 30% damage boost to Drain Life. This legendary effect will persist even if you unequip the legendary itself!

It is the same case with the night fae legendary Decaying Soul Satchel Decaying Soul Satchel, which grants you up to 20% haste and crit, depending on how many enemies are affected by your Soul Rot. Soul Rot will make your drain life be able to hit up to 5 targets total (4 enemies affected by the debuff, as well as your main target being another one.

The final legendary we will use is Claw of Endereth Claw of Endereth, in order to equip this during the combo, we have to drop combat. We will do that thanks to the Precious Bloodthorn Loop Precious Bloodthorn Loop.

We will make use of the soulbind First Strike from Korayn. Which gives you 25% crit if you used a damage ability on the enemy before they strike you. It is important to use Haunt (if you go single target) or Grimoire of Sacrifice (multi-target) since most other affliction spells won't proc the First Strike. 

Both the single and multi-target version of the combo is built around stacking Wrathful Consumption. Then if you go for single target, you can equip the Claw of Endereth legendary and skip the Soul Rot. (You will instead go for haunt followed by Bane of Shadows, which gives additional damage). Afterward, you drain life and obliterate the enemy within just 2 seconds!

If you go multi-target, you equip the Decaying Soul Satchel and use all consumables and powerups, followed by a Soul Rot, then you use Precious Bloodthorn loop and change gear into your Claw of Endereth legendary.

The command for changing gear is /equip X if you want to add this into a macro.

The macro I use for the powerup is the following:

/use drums of deathly ferocity

/cast dark soul: misery

/cast unending resolve

/cast fireblood

/use potion of spectral intellect

/use nether ward

/use unchained gladiator's badge of ferocity

/cast soul rot (OR haunt, if you go single target)

Warlock Draining 5 Players Within 1.5 Seconds

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15 hours ago, Steamynuke said:

How does he talk to the horde side :O? 

He has the flask of tongues on his buff bar etc from dalaran underbelly that let's you be able to comprehend the opposing faction's dialect/language for about an hour. They've done the same.

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Dude, why is the title so anonymous? It's Rextroy, at least give him that instead of "warlock" 😉

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8 hours ago, Znifler said:

Dude, why is the title so anonymous? It's Rextroy, at least give him that instead of "warlock" 😉

Agreed. And he doesn't post his videos until Blizz lets him know they have blocked what he discovered or at least have a hotfix in the pipes and he's free to share.

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