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Tighten up Fury Rotation

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A few quick questions to tighten up my fury DPS.

1) Right before CS if the BT doesn't critical do we still continue into CS rotation even though we won't be enraged for all of it or wait for the next BT crit?

2) During execute phase are we still weaving SB into the rotation or just getting our 4x executes and using SB outside of CA

3) Not a rotation question. I have 2 1handers one is WF the other is heroic. One has crit the other doesn't. Would it still be a upgrade to get 2x 2h off either sha or garrosh even if they are still normal?

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1) Go into your CS rotation. There's a chance CS crits too, enraging you, and if neither the BT nor CS did, you have Berserker Rage.


2) SB during CS. It is by far your highest DPET ability, it would be crazy to not make it benefit from CS. Ideally, you'll do CS > SB > Execute x3.


3) Would be close. Normally, higher ilvl wins not matter what, but TG is actually quite a bit better than SMF this tier. Simming yourself in SimCraft with both weapon sets is the best way to know. My gut tells me that the Heroic + WF setup would be better, though that's really just a feeling and nothing proven or scientific.

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