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Three Impressive 9.1 Raid Armor Set Concepts by Lordozy

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We have some more impressive fan concept pieces for some raid armor sets, as Sercan "Lordozy" Özyurt takes on Priests, Death Knights and Hunters!

We've already seen his equally (more?) impressive 9.1 take on Paladins, Monks, Demon Hunters and Shamans, but there's more to be seen in this series of re-imaginings of Sanctum of Domination sets. Let's start with the Death Knight "Chosen of Icecrown" set, as we get the author's commentary on their creation as an added bonus:



It's time for Deathknights! Arthas created army of pain, decay and death. He ressurected fallen champions of azeroth to bring chaos to world. We defeated restless scourge. Still, his legacy continues even he made chose the dark path. Now, Ebon Hold crusaders fight against death for their memories left behind to forgiveness from their past.

About the Armor:
Maw-forged armor suit resembles to original deathknight armor plate. Jailer crafted powerful armor by using Primus as a Slave for bring death and apocalypse to unknown realms. Only chosen ones can wear on jailer eyes. Now, we assaulted Thorgast and Ebon Blade reforge this armor at soulforge to wear it powerful champion.
I was inspired from Lich King Armor theme and Maw Humanoids. Lich King has a Original design and I won't touch and make replicate for Deathknight Armor. I wanted to add lore on behind of armor.
On Weapon, I tried to make different way to build another mourneblade. I called it ''Nemarath the Soulrender''. Blade from another unkown blade to serve jailer desires. It has a floating sharp pieces around of Blade.
I hope you like it!
- Sercan Özyurt

Then we're on to Hunters, as the "Torment of Keen Eye" set even has a special Survival weapon included!

sercan-ozyurt-mawhuntersetnormal1a.jpg?1   sercan-ozyurt-mawhuntersetmythic1c.jpg?1

For a long time, Hunter sets not viable for class fantasy. All sets of viable for hunters on BFA and Shadowlands are not welcomed well from the community. So many sets looks like shaman sets. (Skull rams, huge spikes, elemental attachments, Massive shoulderpads etc.)

I decided to design predator, archer, tracker, ranger, bounty hunter, soul punisher, soul jailer of Maw.
I fallowed method of Maw, Torghast themes again. Besides of huge sharp spikes, I tried to leather (light) armor type for a maw tracker. It moves, fast and silent. On shoulderpads, There is a animation animal souls roaring, screaming in ferocity (mythic type only) I hope you like it!
- Sercan Özyurt

And finally we have the Priest set, "Obsidian Gatekeeper Regalia":



I'm continue to create more class themed sets to increase variety, class fantasy and maw themed class sets to increase visual class identity.

About the Priest Armor:
It's a armor plate of fallen Elder Ramkahen Priest Set. His current armor plate forged by maw steel. I mixed Ramkahen & Maw culture together to create maw themed priest sets. Also I wanted to reflect Egypth Myths. Anubis - Death God - Keeper of Other Realm etc.
And I made concept for weapon for complete to set visual. Amethat the Soulrender (That's gona be cool name for staff)
I hope you like it!
- Sercan Özyurt

As always, you can check out more tints and a lot more creative artwork over on Sercan's Artstation!

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