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Rextroy's Immortal Warlock Build

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In his latest video, Rextroy puts Accrued Vitality Accrued Vitality's weird interactions to use, and turns almost immortal in World PvP.


The conduit we are going to use is Accrued Vitality Accrued Vitality, and it has a few weird interactions. First thing is that each tick heals for X damage done by drain life (in my case, 60%). Instead of 60% over the duration of 10 seconds. This means it actually heals for 300% of the damage done by Drain Life over 10 sec.

The second thing is that it scales oddly against low-level enemies, because of the scaled damage our characters get. For example, hitting a defias for 200k drain life, makes the conduit heal me for 120k every other second... for 10 seconds.

This, paired with Gently Squeezed Toad Gently Squeezed Toads, makes us able to turn almost immortal in WPvP, as long as we are able to keep the buff up.

The other way to use this insane survival is to explore all the oceans of WoW! At least everything before BFA zones (since we don't get scaled dmg there)

I explored a few zones and locations I wanted to check out, which you can see in the last half of the video!

If you happen to have an Alliance Warlock (Alliance for toads, Warlock for conduit) try it yourself and explore whatever location you desire! Could be a fun thing to do in case you feel like you are out of things to do!

Immortal Warlock Build

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