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Making Blizzard switch SPECBOUND

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As an external resource prop gear designer for wow i have been proposing multiple times in 9 expansions in order to work as an insider, unfortunately i still haven't had the chance to get them to see my point, the team's approach towards innovation and content release is that of stretching the good stuff and postponing what looks extremely advanced to an X theoretical expansion, been saying it from tbc/wotlk while working on gear, a lot of ingame tiers are my production indeed, SPECBOUND signifiying 3x styles per class which recall the meaning of the specialisation ex( blood,frost,unholy ) instead of one class set which only remotely has to do with the sense of the spec chosen, is ultimately the final solution to have gear in wow being paid the respect it is owed, since the virtual space is limitless and the external sources are as well numerous and seriously devoted in the creation of rewards. Truth be told no expansion yet to this date has been presented with an absolute A critical grade in weapons and sets, this because the selection is managed from a shadow force, the external sourcers as myself are not allowed to factually work it out to completion or made able to supervise the whole process since it implies the implementation of their designs in the game. Every single patch having 50-100 sets specbound x pvp/pve would be the epochal declaration of seriousness for a game this size, failing to do so after the 10th exp pack instead, that would be a declaration of ineptitude and mismanagement, particularly when as i said i myself could source any number of props, and i'm talking drenchskull props, doubtlessly the type a paying player deserves and expects in 2022. What is your opinion on SPECBOUND do you agree with my point? I attach some of the concepts i've started and have not yet been released, chances are you will be able to match the class to the spec without a diciture, some are not finished but they definetely state excellence.







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