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i;v been gone from wow for almost 4 yearsand i jut can back to the game and i can remember much my main problem is that even with the boss teat dummys my dps bottems out around 93-96k i'v use the mr robot site to help with that gems and enchants and i think i'm doing the right rotation from what i'v been reading


from stealth mut,disbatch, snd, envenom, rupture


hears my armory


sorry i dont have anything is the way of dps meters and if there are any good or need macros or addons that be cool

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It's really hard to say anything without even a DPS meter layout or WarcraftLogs parse.


Make sure you're focusing on Rupture uptime.  Get that as high as you can.  You can clip the end of it by 3 sec or less.  Rupture is your top priority, because it also gives you energy regen.


Make sure you're hitting Dispatch as it comes up, as long as you won't cap on Combo Points.  Don't Mut when you have a proc, or you may refresh it and lose that proc.

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