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50k more in arms (Update please read)

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So, I'm trying to transition into Fury Warrior but my DPS is sucking wind.  I can normally do about 220k as Arms but I'm only doing 170-180k as Fury.


Here's a link to my 5 minutes on a training dummy




Here is my character/gear




My offhand is same weapon but Flex 2/4 


Any advice?  I'm guessing I'm missing something obvious.  I really want to boost my DPS....




New combat log http://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/gDaL2WqcY36nmjyM/#type=damage-done


Doing roughly 210k minus buffs,food,last 20% 

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My first impression would be that you're still used to the simple Arms rotation. Take it from a dedicated Arms Warrior - it takes time to get used to the Fury rotation. It's completey different and not as straight forward.


Ragebar will most likely evaluate your WCL parse for rotation clarity. You may be doing something not completely straight forward.


Your gear is fine and your Crit %, while not in the 40s, is fine at 35%. I imagine, even with a 2/4F weapon, it's roughly the same.


The last thing I'd consider is your gemming / reforging. Stat weights are different between the two spec. I'd make sure you're properly gemmed and reforged for Fury when attempting that spec.

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Hi psukardi,


There are 3 main issues with the logs you posted: First, you didn't have a full raid buff coverage, and it definitely hurts your DPS, especially the lack of crit. Second, some of your attacks didn't connect. Since you are more than hit capped, I can only assume you were attacking from the front. Third, you didn't get to try out your execute phase since the dummies won't let you. If you can get me a Malkorok or IJ log, even from LFR, I should be able to dig a bit more info out of it. Also, turn on advanced combat logging in your options. It allows me to track a lot more things.


Looking at your amory: You're using Dragon Roar. Bladestorm is the best talent for both single target and AoE.


Looking at the actual log now, there are a couple issues I see: 


Your enrage uptime is on the low side. You seemed to have cast enough BT, but since some of them didn't connect, you weren't enrage as much as you should've been. On top of that, your Berserker Rage management seems incorrect. You look like you're using it on cooldown, whereas at your crit level, it would best be saved to ensure that you're Enraged during CS.


Talking about CS, you could definitely manage those better too. You cast 17 of them, which is fine, but you weren't enraged for some of them and you didn't get a Stormbolt in every one of them. With the EEoG you have, getting 1 SB per CS is doable and therefore you should aim at making your first GCD inside CS a Stormbolt, every time. You only got 7 of those out which really hurts your DPS.


Tied to the previous paragraph is your RB management. You generated 43 charges, and spent 40. Not horrible, but not ideal either. Make sure you don't waste RB charges, and also make sure you don't overspend them. There's a lot of CS where you ended up casting only 1 RB, whereas you should aim to get 2 and sometimes even 3 RBs during each CS (on top of 1 SB, of course). The rules of using RB outisde of CS are: Use it if you have 2 charges, or if you only have 1 charge but it will drop before you get to cast another BT.


Next, I believe you need to find a better balance between HS and WS. You're using one of them too much and the other not enough, and I think it is causing some rage management issues too. You should aim to use HS 4-5 times during CS (on top of your normal CS rotation) and only as much as necessary outside of it. Right now, it looks like you're constantly using HS, and I have a hard time believing you can generate enough rage at your ilvl to sustain such a high HS usage. If you get to more than 80 rage outside of CS, use WS instead. Only ever use HS outside of CS if your WS isn't enough to bleed rage.


I hope this helps you, and if you have anymore questions feel free to ask,



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Appreciate this a ton, I'll read this over a few times and hit up the dummy again and see if I can push it any higher.


I was fury a long time back, went over to arms & found my numbers were higher - but I need all the DPS I can get

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I want to say the same thing, that your enrage uptime could be higher, but the fact that you had no raid buffs on makes me quite unsure of how high it should be. I'm pretty sure that if you don't have the 5% crit buff, your enrage is kinda low, but within acceptable range. 


You got 11 CS off, whereas you could have gotten 1 more. Related to that, you got 9 Stormbolts off, but with your EEoG, you should be able to get 1 per CS, no exceptions. Also, you wasted a couple RBs, and some of your attacks got dodged, which means you weren't expertise capped when you did this fight.


Your Bladestorm usage was also very low.


With the length of the attempt, you could have used Recklessness 3 times. With a Flex+ EEoG, the rule is 2 use Reck every 2 minutes (together with CS, of course) and delay Skull banner for 1 minutes to use it with every other Reck.

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