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Solo tanking garrosh

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I was going to talk to my raid leader to see if he wanted to take the night off  tanking garry solo and ill try. I'm a prot pally (armory link: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/uldaman/Tardadin/advanced )

Raid make up is: Prot pally/ bear tank Heals,  Disc priest and resto shammy Dps:Boomkin Frost mage, arms warrior, fury warrior (SMF) a lock(not sure of spec) and a hunter(not sure of spec). Ive read that i need a good dps rotaion and everything, not sure where to start honestly, and no idea what tallents and glyphs to use. ive always used my frost mage for the fight. any tips will be sooo helpful thanks

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i'm not a prot pally but i've solo tanked normal garrosh on brew master monk/dk/guard druid several times so i'll basically give you what i've always done but replace my cds with yours 


First phase nothing but just keep good eternal flame maybe hammer here and there if need should be fine


Phase 2 you'll hit 7 stacks which is hardly any damage again eternal flame keep a good one going you'll hit like 11/13 stacks on the rest of them you should just use divine protection for all of them maybe glyph or unglyphed idk i'm not really sure you would need it (use it once you get up to 11-13 stacks not before or after) Use rooks talisman when you use it when you need it on empower whirling use argent defender like if you drop below 30 i'd say save guardian til last phase pop it whne the whirling goes out other then that just do the normal stuff Big eternal flames use shield thingy etc 


Make sure you use unbreakable spirit

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The differences that exist between solo-tanking and two-tanking Garrosh are actually very small.  There are a couple things you should know:


Phase 1


1.) It's important that your DPS doesn't aggro the adds in phase one before they get to the center of the room.  That way, the adds come right to you and you can pick them up with ease.


2.) The first set of adds that come out in phase one usually melt quickly because trinkets/pre-pot is up for everyone.  Every set of adds you get after that will stay alive substantially longer, and gain a damage buff from Hellscream's Warsong.  Garrosh + buffed adds can be a nasty combo, and I suggest having a cooldown saved for every time this happens.


Phase 2


1.) Whenever you are teleported to temple of the red crane for intermission, you can't split up groups to go separate ways because you are the only tank.  How do you do it then?  Don't split up the groups; the whole raid runs left, kills the add, and then everyone runs down and around to the other add.  Your group must be quick, especially if it's the first intermission that you get, or else you will exit first intermission with 25 energy.  There are two major precautions you can take to ensure that you get through temple of the red crane as quickly as possible: have a druid cast stampeding roar when you are first ported in, and then another one right after the first add is dead (if you have 2 druids that is).  Also, after the first add is dead, DO NOT sit and wait for the damage reduction bubble to spawn, this takes too much time.  Instead, run directly to the second add, kill it, and your whole raid can move quickly to the illuminated area on the ground that shows where the bubble will spawn.  There is a ~3 second delay from when the add dies to when the bubble spawns, so the group should have plenty of time to move on top of the shiny area on the ground.  As soon as that bubble lands, everyone needs to get off the stairs immediately and down to the floor where garrosh is, or else you will get annihilated in the face.


2.) From the moment you land from the first intermission phase, all the way up to the end of the fight, garrosh will stack the tank debuff on you.  You have to take all of the stacks, and they will fall off every time Garrosh casts whirling corruption.  The max amount of stacks that you will have is about 11-12 before garrosh uses whirling, and they will fall off right as garrosh finishes the cast.  12 stacks ticking for ~250k per second + whirling corruption is, again, a nasty combo.  Make sure you have a cooldown for every one.


Phase 3


1.) Only thing you need to be aware of is picking up the adds when they come out from empowered whirling corruption.  When I solo tank this fight, I just tell my raid that if they have an add on them, bring it to melee and I will pick it up.  This is the point at which you are probably most likely to die.  As you are picking up all of the adds, I suggest blowing any cooldown that you have left, and calling for all healing CDs, because you get hit HARD.  Every possible damage reduction should be channeled on you.  The goal is to kill garrosh before he does his second empowered whirling, because having to pick up another set of adds would just be too much damage (you would most likely die almost instantly).  



Anyways, I know this looks like a lot of information, but the fight is almost identical compared to if you were solo tanking it, but you just need to know the points throughout the fight where you will be taking a ridiculous amount of damage.  Let me know if you need any more help, cheers and good luck!

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