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[US-Lightbringer][A] Force Recon Recruiting

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Greetings All,

About Force Recon
Force Recon is a new guild on the Lightbringer-US server. We are currently recruiting exceptional DPS for mythic raiding in the upcoming WoD expansion, and also to finish filling a 10 man team for weekly SoO clears and possibly some heroics as well. We are currently a lvl 6 guild and more moving along quickly. Our current player base is made up of 6 core people many of which have experience raiding back to vanilla our GM Skatterman raided in several high end US top guilds in vanilla and continuing through WotLK. We intended to be a hardcore style raiding guild .Come WoD we will be raiding 3 nights a week for 3-4 hrs a night, We will be raiding Thursday, Friday, and Monday starting at 630pm pst which is also server time. With this being said many of us are in our late 20's and early 30's and have family's and careers and we do not intend to keep people raiding into the late hours of the night. We are a mature 18+ guild however, some exceptions can be made to this rule for the right fit. We at Force Recon believe we can be a hardcore raiding guild while maintaining a fun friendly social atmosphere DRAMA Free. We have a zero tolerance policy for any actions detrimental to our members and or our reputation as a guild. For example trolling in trade chat, any type of this behavior will not be tolerated.

Our Goals and Aspirations
The current focus of our GM, officers, and current members is leveling the guild and recruiting not only exceptional WoW players but exceptional, social, and fun people to fill our ranks .As we are a very social friendly bunch who often hang out together in mumble to talk and have fun. We hope to be raiding 10 man SoO within 2 weeks for weekly clears and garrosh kills and to build a solid 20 man team for WoD with a 5 man bench. We hope to compete for top 5 on the Lightbringer realm and the sky is the limit from there. We want a hardcore raid atmosphere, we feel we can accomplish this this in a mature productive manner. We expect all our members to take constructive criticisms in a positive way. As I have mentioned already we want to maintain a fun, friendly, helpful, respectful atmosphere.


We also welcome pvp players many of us pvp as well pve and we are going to put together a solid RBG teams. As well as run arenas.

What We Expect From Our Raiders
We expect our raiders to come to raids ready and prepared this means with the proper gear reforged, gemmed, and enchanted to maximize your characters ability to perform in raid environment. We expect our raiders to be in peak performance for their specific class and role in the raid. We understand that at times people have a bad day or bad pull, with that being said any one unable to perform at their maximum potential will be replaced until they are able to once again perform, this goes for officers as well. We hold all members, officers included, to the same standards. We have several officers and our GM that are well versed in many classes with experience dating back to vanilla and they are more then willing to help and offer advice in order to maximize your characters potential. We expect you to be on time and show up for every raid. If you are unable to make it as we do understand that real life always comes first we ask that you give us as much notice as possible.

Be open to criticism. - ALL of us can improve. Don't put up a pride wall if someone makes a suggestion that could make you better. This applies whether you are topping the meters or getting out dps'd by a resto druid (or out healed by the frost mage whichever is applicable). We are going to be pushing progression content. That requires focus and direction. We are not going to coddle anyone that is wiping us just to spare their feelings. If someone is screwing up, it will be brought to their attention to fix it. This goes for everyone, including officers, no exceptions. If we are all open to constructive suggestions this won't be an issue and we become better as a team. Which is the goal.

Guild Rules
1.NO DRAMA, I cannot stress this enough no drama will be tolerated period we want all our raiders and members to feel they have a voice and we do have an open door policy for any concerns that rise. We ask that if you do have a concern that you come to us immediately so it can be addressed in a timely appropriate fashion.

2. No trolling, anyone seen trolling or engaging in behavior we feel is detrimental to our guild and its members will be removed promptly.

What We Offer You
At Force Recon we offer you a fun friendly social environment welcome to your main and all your alts. We offer a serious hardcore raid progression team. We offer free gems, enchants, flasks, and potions. Also each month we will be doing a giveaway of rare pets and items for those who contribute to the guild bank on regular basis. We offer a leadership team with the experience and knowledge to be successful and competitive.

We are currently looking to fill several DPS roles and one healing spot for a healer/DPS hybrid If you are interested in joining Force Recon please reply to this thread or message myself in game my Battletag is Armadillo#1915 or Skatter#1708. Please feel free to contact me anytime I am more than happy to talk with you and look forward to hearing from you.We do have an application process and like to talk to all potential members in mumble before they are invited to guild.

Check out our website at //force-recon-1-285.enjin.com/home

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Please be sure to read the rules and guidelines before posting:




I've modified your title to better fit our standards.


PS: You can remove that odd black background to your text by selecting it all, and hitting the little eraser button at the top left of the edit window.

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