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Log/Character Review Rules and Details

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As part of our continued effort to offer our existing Premium subscribers more value for their subscription (following on from our Masterclass series), we are offering Epic and Legendary rank subscribers access to our World of Warcraft PvE log review (or character review, for Diablo 3) service, the rules of which we detail below.

The Basics of a Review

Each Epic or Legendary Premium subscriber is entitled to requesting a review per month (because our reviewers have limited time). WoW reviews are performed by the same person who writes the PvE spec guide, while our Diablo 3 reviews are performed by Deadset, our D3 writer.

After posting the initial review request and receiving a response/analysis from our reviewer, the subscriber is entitled to a follow-up post (which would normally be done after the subscriber has implemented the reviewer’s advice and recorded another playing session for analysis, but which can be made whenever the subscriber chooses). Additional replies from the reviewer and the subscriber can happen at the discretion of the reviewer.

If you want to add video footage to supplement your submission of logs, you are welcome to do so.

For WoW, you can also post a log as a raid or guild leader, and our reviewer (Bora, ex raid leader of Encore) will do his best to identify areas where your team can improve as a whole.

WoW Log Review Limitations

We currently only offer reviews for PvE content. Raid content is our main focus. You can post M+ reviews and our reviewers will try to help you, but they reserve the right to decline M+ requests due to the potential for these taking a very long time to do properly.

While we want to help everyone benefit from the expertise of our reviewers, due to time constraints, we also ask you to keep your request manageable.

Analyzing successful boss kills to identify mistakes or areas of improvement is perfectly fine, but asking our reviewers to sift through 50 wipes on a progression encounter during which most of the raid group is learning the fight (and therefore which has all sorts of data fluctuations) is going too far. We do not disallow progression analysis requests, but please keep in mind that the reviewers might take “too long” to get back to you (by which time the boss would have been killed), or might find the logs too lengthy to analyze.

Minimum Spec Knowledge Threshold

While we wish we could help everyone improve, our reviewers reserve the right to instruct subscribers to re-read certain sections of our guides when these are deemed to be most impactful way in which the subscriber could improve. Please do not take this as a criticism, and know that we’d be happy to look at new logs once you apply the fixes that result from your re-reading of the guide (often times, the best information we have really is in the guides already!).

Timeliness of Reviews

Our reviewers will do the best they can to respond to your requests as quickly as possible, but they have lives and schedules of their own, so please be understanding of that. As such, we make no commitment that you will receive a response within a specific time-frame (i.e., 24 hours), but we will attempt to ensure replies take no longer than 3 days.

Other Limitations

For clarity, unused log reviews (that is to say, months during which you were an Epic or Legendary Premium subscriber but during which you did not request a review) do not accrue. If a month of your subscription has passed and you didn’t request a review, that review opportunity is gone.

How to Post a Request

To post a log review or character review request, simply create a thread in the Log Reviews section titled "[Spec Class] Short Description of Request". For example, a post might be titled "[Holy Paladin] KT/Sylvanas low HPS".

For Diablo 3, use the "[Build] Short Description" format. For example, your post could be "[GoD Hungering Arrow DH] Stuck at GR75".

In the topic, please include links to the logs and make sure they are publicly available. If your guild does not want your logs to be public, you can leave a placeholder text in the post and send the logs via private message to the reviewer once they respond to your post.

Feel free to include character armory links, video footage, or other supporting information that can help.

Closing Thoughts

As this is the first time we try out something like this, we may need to tweak these rules going forward to keep the experience pleasant for the subscribers and manageable for our reviewers, and we appreciate your understanding in that.

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