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Making the jump from lfr to Normal/heroics tips needed plz

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I am currently making the jump from lfr to normals/heroics feel like i am underperforming by a lot any tips would be appreciated. Thanks in advance


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Your armory looks ok. You should still try to get rid of some PvP gear ASAP, especially your trinket.


Your logs are very hard to analyze, since the fights are too short, but here's what I can see:


You could've used BT slightly more. You only managed to generate 14 RB charges, which is already not a lot, and you still ended up wasting 2. You missed on 1 CS and 1 SB use.


You used Heroic Strike a lot, and didn't use Wild Strike once. You need to find a better balance between the 2. Copied directly from one of my other answers: "If you get to more than 80 rage outside of CS, use WS instead. Only ever use HS outside of CS if your WS isn't enough to bleed rage.".


You didn't use your T60 talent at all.


By the looks of it, you're not doing enough in between your CS's.

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Yea my gear could use some work and the trinket ive been running galakras on as many modes as possible and it just doesnt seem to drop.



Thank you for analyzing my logs i would have responded back earlier but i have been busy at work. I havent been using my t60 talent in fights except for AoE, ill fix that i read what you posted in other replies about bladestorm usage. Ill work on being more active and post logs to see if i did better a better job at being active between CS's. I feel like i find myself having problem setting up my CS since i dont feel like i get many raging blow charges.

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