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Raid Boss Paladin Invades Durotar

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In the latest video, Rextroy becomes almost invincible and invades Durotar with his "raid-boss" Paladin.

Rextroy's latest video revolves around a broken interaction of Saved by the Light Saved by the Light and Beacon.


This whole combo is mainly built around a really broken interaction with Saved by the Light. Thaderyl, the paladin of Auchindoun had a weird bug happen to him in Korthia, when he was AFK in the sanctuary. He kept having Saved by the Light proc on him while at full health! Multiple times even when he had the debuff on him that should prevent that.

I tested around for a few minutes and managed to get to the bottom of what caused the bug. It is that Saved by the light tries to get casted onto the target with your Beacon, but if it is unable to get casted on the target, it applies to you instead! Ignoring the debuff "cooldown".

Well, how do we manage to make it unable to get casted on the target? Outranging it won't work. However, any scenario when you can't have your heals interact with the target, but Beacon is still active works. Such as in Korthia when you are in the Sanctuary and the target is outside fighting.

Or in my case when Ipanic was in a duel with my Beacon on him, which caused every instance where he should receive the Saved by the Light to instead be granted to me!

To manage to survive 10-15 Hordes in Durotar over a longer period of time, we had to get a massive amount of procs. The first plan was to aggro a lot of lowbie mobs but their miss chance is too high so it wasn't that viable.

Instead, we tested with both Soully (BM hunter) and Zoutchy (Fury Warrior), both classes have a lot of fast hits or pets to help proc Saved by the Light.

We also ended up getting Zoutchy the Crate of Kidnapped Puppies Crate of Kidnapped Puppies (spawns a lot of pets) as well as the Timeless Isle brews to spawn Pandarens (Thick Pi'jiu Brew Thick Pi'jiu Brew).

This, along with the earlier trick of using Gently Squeezed Toad Gently Squeezed Toads with a lot of leech (as our main healing) ended up working really well... We are even resilient to Mind Control, unlike the first Raid Boss Paladin video!

Raid Boss Paladin Invades Durotar

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