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best legendarie with next new patch

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Hi all, i was about to buy the legendarie 262ilvl but today the new patch was announced and i would like to know if someone knows wich legendary will be the best, if there arent aoe cap of 5 max targets, maybe soulforge will deal more damage cuz cd?

edited: best legendarie for BM hunter*

ty in advance and sorry for my bad english.

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Since there will be a legendary scrap function to get back your used Soul Ash/Soul CInders I guess it doesn't matter what you craft now since there will be very easy to craft another one for 9.1.5.

Also, the aoe cap will be gone but damage will decrease the more targets there is, haven't seen any PTR numbers yet and probably won't be correct numbers until 9.1.5 goes live due to upcoming class changes and what not.

So go for what you want atm and just do a new legendary for 9.1.5 when it hits the live servers.


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