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Dispel/Purify macro help

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Basically this is what I need:

- Nothing targeted, Purify self (should be automatic because of auto self cast, but thought I'd chuck it in)

- Anything targeted while alt is held, Purify self

- Enemy targeted with no modifier, Dispel Magic enemy

- Friendly player targeted with no modifier, Purify friend

Any help is appreciated here!

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Here it is:


/cast [mod:alt,@player][nomod,help] Purify;[nomod,harm] Dispel magic; [@player] Purify

And here is a bonus:


/cast [mod:alt,@player][nomod,help] Purify;[nomod,harm] Dispel magic; [mod:shift] Mass dispel; [@player] Purify

This last macro would do everything your old macro did but also casts "mass dispel" if you are holding the "shift" key.

I myself prefer this other macro, that adds a mouseover condition for dispelling/purifying:


/cast [@mouseover,nomod,help][nomod,help][mod:alt,@player] Purify;[@mouseover,nomod,harm][nomod,harm] Dispel magic; [mod:shift] Mass dispel; [@player] Purify

This last macro does the same than the above, but first of all tries to dispel/purify your current mouseover target, then if there is none, checks for your current target, checks if you are holding shift and finally purifies you in case no other condition is true.


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