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Level 27 Druid with 2.8 Million Health

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A level 27 druid with 2.8 million health from Mannoroth (EU) reached out to Rextroy who tested out the druid's survivability in a raid group.

Background Information

Lighthead, from the server Mannoroth (EU), reached out to me about his alt druid character being level 27 with about 2.8M health points. Which is quite insane... We decided to showcase it by gathering a raid group and sending in people, to see how well the druid would survive!

Well, how does this even happen? It is because of a bug with "Smitten Smitten".

A buff you could obtain in Love is in the Air. I heard about this being really broken this last event, with people reaching 20 million health or more on their level 60 characters. I wasn't active during that month, however, so can't tell exactly what was wrong with the buff, I just heard it got fixed really quickly.

However, it seems like in Lightheads case, the fix made his hunter even stronger. It went from having 86k HP, to about 700k. I assume the same thing happened to his Druid. Keep in mind his buffs are from the love is in the air from 2020, which is a year back... could that be the reason why the fix made his buff stronger?

A 3 stamina food buff, gives 12k health on his hunter... While 3 stamina gives my hunter 120 health. This means the buff scales up your health by 100 times...or a 9900% increase.

In addition to this, we will get some Shadowmoon Berries (Shadowberry Shadowberries) for additional survival!

A great and fun WPvP item that heals for a bunch on a 2.8M health character...

This buff (smitten) is a one-time use, and has a limited duration as well. So when the buff is lost on Lightheads druid or hunter it will be gone forever... We are only able to test his insane druid because he kept it since 2020 without being logged in (since then the buff would have disappeared)


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