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First time raid leading

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So I've gotten lots of feedback from you guys, and it seems (and from what I've read) that probably normal wings 1 and 2 of Siege are doable in 535+ gear. Since most pugs are asking for 545-550+ on Illidan, I decided to start leading normal pugs. I dps normally, but I plan to tank through lfr and flex for practice to get a better idea of what the tanks have to do. Any tips/addons for someone who's never led a raid before? My biggest fear is Malkorok, every flex group I've been has wiped due to breath mostly (sometimes puddles); is there an addon or macro for marking the zone, or do I just have to be quick on the draw?

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For addons, there are a multitude of things you can use to track. oRA3, BLCD, Hermes. They all do it well. BLCD is my current choice, but oRA3 is what got me learning to begin with.

For leading in general, make sure you're comfortable with your role beforehand. If you can't do your job by memory or without paying attention, you shouldn't try to lead.

Next fully understanding and knowing the mechanics of every fight. Know how a boss gain energy, when he does a mechanic, what order or what causes it. If you don't know why someone died and you can't explain how to avoid it, you shouldn't lead.

This isn't required when you first start but it's helpful if you run a guild or a normal raid team (usually not with pugs). Learning a little bit about every class and how they work and what they are suppose to do, can help some quick fixes to players that are still learning or don't quite get it. You're not expected to tell them exactly what to do, but any help you provide they would probably appreciate.

Lastly for malkorok marking I use a macro.

/cwm all(clear world markers)

/wm 1 (does the first color)

Basically replace 1 with 2-5 for the different colors.

I have a modified macro, which I'm not at my computer currently to look up, but I think it goes similar to this

/wm [mod:ctrl] 2; [mod:alt] 3; 1

This macro means, no modifier use 1, with ctrl use 2, with alt use 3.

Hope this helps, ask anything else you have questions about.



edit: here's a working macro:

/cwm all
/wm [mod:ctrl] 2; [mod:alt] 3; [mod:shift] 1


When you press the button, it clears everything.  Then different modifiers use different markers.

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I think it would also be wise to be candid with the players in the pug. Let them know this is your first time raid leading, or you're new at it. Communication is key in any managerial/leadership role. Also, have a game plan before every raid pug. Establish what you want to accomplish from the group and communicate with them so they understand what is expected from them.


Raid leading goes far beyond your knowledge of the game, you're also leading people. WoW raid leading is just a interface to the overall position of leadership.


Good luck and remember when it's all said and done, you're the one wearing the pants. ;)

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