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Blade Fury Assassin (Bladesin) Build

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This guide needs updating with 2.4. After playtesting with hero editor and playing functionally full build on Ladder this season here are the changes I’d recommend:


leveling to hell- stay the same

Early hell or progression items:

helm- gface

amulet- highlords

shield- stormshield (DR and resists huge, can run Burst of speed if fine in resists)

boots- gorerider or goblin toe

belt- string of ears

rings- ravenfrost/dual leach dex resists

armor- duress

gloves- laying of hands or blood gloves max CB

weapon- eth fleshripper or heart carver

offhand- demon limb (enchant for AR boost, fire damage is negligible)


End game items:

helm- gface

amulet- highlords

shield- phoenix monarch (preferably with level 10 redemption-interferes with Death Sentry)

boots- gore rider

belt- verdungos

rings- raven frost/ max dex dual leech


gloves- laying of hands for chaos and baal, blood gloves with max CB max dex everywhere else (ias is unecessary here as blade fury has fixed frames). This makes shopping them cheap on Bnet.

weapon- eth stormlash or GG claws (max ED, fools mod, min/max damage, dmg to demons, socketed (40/+14 max jewels) or (Lo)(Ber), ethereal ).

offhand- CTA/spirit



Might aura A2 merc- eth reaper’s toll (shael), eth fortitude, eth andariels visage (ral)

OR *if you’re rich and want to flex*

Frenzy A5 merc with Last wish PB, Fury eth mythical sword, eth fortitude, eth socketed primal helm w/ 40/15 jewels and +3 frenzy


Note: plague is good inbetween while you build phoenix and fort. These are must builds first! Cham in early ladder is hard to obtain. Don’t overpay and run chaos or baal. Freezes target can be annoying with death sentry. But ultimately out DPS’s Death runeword.


skill tree: leveling functionally the same. However once max blade skills, I’d put 3 points into fade, then dump the rest into death sentry. Once you have claws you like respec into claw mastery and 1 hard point into death sentry. The ED and deadly strike is applied to blade fury, but the AR bonus is not. Venom does not provide much damage here unfortunately even with plague claws.


Playtest notes: First big note, channeling skills are still having targeting issues (as of 7/16/22). If the initial target dies, channeling is ended. To prevent this from happening shift click the ground in front of the enemy or groups of enemies you wish to kill. Playstyle: Run up to a group of enemies lay blade sentinel, 2 -3 death sentry, blade sentinel then run to safe distance and blade fury the stragglers. Corpse explosion takes care of the AOE. With stormlash and full gear your CB is at 93% high health targets are melted. Static field was proccing for me, but others have reported issues. Perhaps with the animation?  Making this viable at P8. W/out enigma you will rely on team mates or straight forward maps like cows to get around. If you are running ethereal items, DO NOT activate blade shield. It will use your durability where blade fury does not. In my tests blade shield did little in hell, except against low life targets like fallen.



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I'm currently leveling a Blade Fury Assassin and agree with most of what KidSquidley posted.

I thought I'd recommend some additional gear alternatives (see items in blue) allowing me to clear /players7 Pits with relative ease.

  • Guillaume's Face with an ED jewel
  • Eth Fleshripper with an ED jewel
  • Fortitude
  • Upgraded Moser's Blessed Circle with an ED jewel and a +15 all res jewel
    • This helps max resistances with Fade
    • With this shield, I also run max block, as a higher Dexterity also gives you a higher attack rating; a win-win, IMO
  • Rare gloves with 20% IAS and mana leech (with plus attributes and resistances would be nice)
    • Because I'm running Fade, the 20% IAS helps lay down Death Sentry traps a little bit faster
    • I highly recommend a source of mana leech, and because of my selected jewelry (see next), I went for mana leech in the gloves
  • Dual Angelic's and Raven Frost
  • String of Ears
    • Life leech via Blade Fury has been working very well
  • Gore Riders
  • Offhand - Demon Limb

For every item I added an ED jewel, a Ruby Jewel of Fervor could be valuable for additional IAS and trap speed (if you feel like investing such valuable jewels).

As for gameplay:

  1. Cloak of Shadows
  2. (Optional) kill a few monsters with Blade Fury
  3. Lay down Death Sentry
  4. Recast Blade Fury to clear

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