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Final Quest for Zovaal Shuffle Achievement (for Hand Mount) Is Up!

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After a long time waiting the final quest needed to complete the The Zovaal Shuffle The Zovaal Shuffle achievement (for players that have been keeping up with it), the Ember Count, is now up on NA realms (and presumably on EU soon as well, once the Kyrian Assault opens later today).

The reason the Zovaal Shuffle is important and players have been waiting since the patch launched to complete it is that it's part of the On the Offensive On the Offensive meta achievement (which allows you to buy Covenant-specific mounts with Death's Advance), and it in turn is part of the Breaking the Chains Breaking the Chains meta - which brings with it the Hand of Salaranga Hand of Salaranga mount! However, the mount reward itself is bugged at the moment, with multiple players reporting not having received it after completing the achievement.

black hand mount.png

If you're not sure what to do for the achievement, you need to find Gubbins, grab the Mawproof Parasol Mawproof Parasol and then dance near 5 forges in Zovaal's Cauldron. You can find Gubbins in one of 4 locations: 40 41; 35 43; 32 42; 36 36 (as mentioned by MMO Champion).

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Took them long enough! Something must be wrong with this rotation, still not every quest was active since the release of this patch.

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