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Avenger Paladin Build

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So I saw this guide for one of my all time favorite builds and I had a few thoughts and suggestions for the gear portion. Instead of BotD for main weapon I would suggest using a Doom Berserker axe, change the chest to Dragon and change the shield to Phoenix. This gives you Holy Shock, Freeze, and Fire all added at the same time, additional abilities than can be cast on hit, as well as additional lowering of cold and fire resistances and redemption to ease health/mana requirements. Also unless this has changed since the revamp the holy auras granted by the gear are improved by synergy with hard points in the resist auras, so more damage there, and Conviction caps out at lowering resists by 150% which makes any +skills taking it beyond 25 wasted so perhaps redo the skill tree to reflect this whether or not you choose to take my gear suggestions. 


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Incorrect info on Conviction cap.

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That does sound like a really fun build and a great way to play the character! Honestly that's almost like a 4th "fun" build to throw in there. For Vengeance you are converting physical dmg over to elemental so I think getting a super high damage weapon like BOTD still ends up being the best just for pure Vengeance damage style, but yes your build would be less around vengeance itself and more just hitting with conviction and lots of dmg types. Probably better for something like Zeal though I would imagine?

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