Low DPS. Need help!

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I Wonder why I am doing so low dps, I have followed the fury rotation here at icy-veins but I still have low dps after doing alot of training.

Help would be appreciated!

My log: http://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/FqrtjVCQRfg3mHWN#source=7

My character: http://www.wow-heroes.com/character/eu/Shattered%20Hand/Korai/


I maybe make some mistakes or big one or miss something, I will be thankful for an answer!

Regards Karanbol.

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ok dont got much time but first your trink are the worse trink you could have. any verson of Thok's Tail Tip and Evil Eye of Galakras are a must have.

your crit and mastory are close together when crit is so much better over all. push your crit higher at lower item levels.

3 unenchanted items

a quick glance at your logs. Your enrage uptime is on the low side.

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The trinkets I don't have cause they never drop, otherwise I would have them.
Don't know how I will get my enrage up more, I use BT and CS on CD, except CS when I dont have RB for it.
I wondered mostly about my rotation, if there is any faults there.

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At 28% Crit, that's kinda low for Fury. I don't recommend any Warrior going Fury until they're at least 30% unbuffed.


Aside from that, the way to help manage your Enrage uptime (especially at a low Crit %) is to utilize Berserker Rage for those times BT and CS don't do it for you. Once you get into the 40s and above in Crit %, you'll be more stable and with your Enrage uptime on BT and CS that you'll then be able to use BR to put in a 3rd RB in your CS burst window instead of using it solely as an Enrage uptime crutch.


Hope this helps and best of luck to you.


Good hunting.

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The trinkets I don't have cause they never drop, otherwise I would have them.

Don't know how I will get my enrage up more, I use BT and CS on CD, except CS when I dont have RB for it.

I wondered mostly about my rotation, if there is any faults there.

i know man. save your war-forges for bosses that drop them. even a lfr verson is better

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Literally anything is better than the trinkets you have. 


I'll look at the logs when I have a bit more time.

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TIme987, Yeah thought about that, wasted most of them for normal set at celestials. Thanks for the help!

ragebarr haha :(
Thanks man, all help is appreciated! ^^

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If you could give me a log from a longer attempt it would be better. I'll look at this one, but its length means some things I say might not be 100% accurate. Training dummy logs are also never ideal due to a lack of raid buffs and no execute phases.


First thing I see is that your damage is dropping way low in between CS, which means you're probably too conservative with what you'er casting. You were actually doing better in that regard in the first logs you posted.


You're capping on rage before every CS. Capping your rage is already bad, but especially since you have the 2pc, you don't even need nearly as much rage to sustain your CS. Try your best to use fillers outside CS to bump up your DPS there.


Your crit is still really low, and it shows in your enrage uptime despite a decent BT usage. You definitely need a better Berserker Rage usage to help you not only with your enrage uptime, but with your RB generation.


Sadly, this is only about as much as I can get from this. I'd need a longer fight, if possible, and from a raid environment. Even LFR IJ or Malkorok would be fine.

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