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Sorceress Fast Leveling

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Level 30 Respec forgot 1 pt into Telekinesis to get to Teleport. That leaves 6 pts for Ice Blast. I put 1 pt into Warmth also and one less into Ice Blast.

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I have never suffered more than playing this build. Please delete. Using Nova is a death sentence, can't cast it more than twice and the damage is too low to kill anything. The Paladin does 4x the damage my level 20 sorc does at level 4.

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The problem I have with this guide is that it doesn't make any mention about how experience works in D2R. That might not be necessary in a general guide, but this particular guide is about how to level fast, and claims to be the fastest , not how to finish the game quickly.

This is from the Arreat Summit, and I don't have any reason to think that it's changed in D2R. (I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post links so I'll refrain, I can provide one on request): 


For any monster above your level, you get EXP*(Player Level / Monster Level).

Every map has a level associated with it that all normal monsters on that map inherit. For the Blood Moor in Hell, that level is 67. The level in the Den of Evil is 79. The author suggests that you should have the Hell Den of Evil skill point available at level 55. If you're in the Blood Moor at level 55, this puts you at gaining only 82% (55/67*100) experience gained, and 69% (55/79*100) in the Den of Evil. 

You may well have finished NM at level 54/55, but moving into Hell at that level will be a really frustrating experience if you're levelling yourself and not being rushed. You won't have enough resistances, monsters will be extremely difficult to kill, and you won't get all the experience you could from killing them if you had just kicked around in NM a bit longer. The most efficient way to level is to find a list of the monster level for each map, and then go kill stuff in the level that matches your character level.

In general I've been really disappointed in the quality of guides that I've seen for D2R builds, here and elsewhere. Like maybe you were rushed to provide the content, or aren't really respectful of it? I dunno. There's a lot of nuance to D2/D2R, a lot more than there is in WoW, where there's no variance in gear unless you get lucky with a third stat, and almost no options for character builds. The WoW guides here at Icy Veins are great - they go into a lot of detail about all of your possible decision points, even though they all end with "sim yourself," which is all you can really do. But they recognize that there's a lot to be said about all of aspects of working with a character. The D2R guides devote a terse paragraph for the same information. 

Perhaps my takeaway should be that it's silly to look for D2 information on what's basically a WoW site. There's a lot more creativity available to a player in D2R than in WoW, because unless you're going complete cookie cutter and trading for high end gear, there are a lot more choices to make. It's why I loved D2 and why I'm finding D2R more compelling than WoW right now. I'd love it if your guides at least hinted at that depth, and offered suggestions on where to find more information, even if providing ALL of it is beyond your scope. (I completely get that it may be.)

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