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Demo logs analysis

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Hey guys, Finally dusted off my demo spec this week for farm content and have been following the discussion in the other thread. Looking through my own logs compared with some other demo locks i noticed some interesting things. Specifically my doom dmg seems to be crazy low in comparison.


I am currently using a reg WF blackblood as my guild does not have garrosh down yet. I do have a HWF KTT and was wondering whether that would be worth it for demo?


Currently i am gemming for as much haste as I can get (i know secondary stats arent a huge thing) should i be running mostly mastery gems and be aiming for the 16k ish BP?


Logs link http://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/mdZXxBYgL4Dhb1fP#type=damage-done&source=28 If you guys could take a look at malk specifically that would be awesome. IJ might be a decent look as well but my guild does the back off strat and I havnt had any luck convincing them to change yet >.<


Armory link http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/hyjal/Achearon/simple

Thanks for the help in advance!

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Hey, so armoury is fine. If you're going full haste though, you can wiggle your stats about to gain another 841 haste and drop 0.1% hit. Up to you what your preference is, nothing too out of order or game breaking.


BBoY vs KTT, at 13 ilvl difference, is probably down to preference. I experimented a lot back in November with my puny 565 ilvl, with normal BBoY and KTT. The difference was impossible to spot. BBoY allowed me to hit 14880 in my gear, but KTT was also nice damage. It's your call tbh. I think BBoY will lend itself to shorter fights where that super buffed Doom can carry you home.


Took a quick peak at Immerseus - you snapshotted Doom really well, a crit tick of over 1M after the boss came back up. You suffered a similar fate as me with the boss literally dying in about 10 seconds, so only got off 1 tick of Doom before he submerged.


You lost a fuck ton of damage from not raping the adds. You should take Mannoroths Fury here. Immolation Aura should also be your top or close to top source of damage. Bonus points for dropping an infernal with full buffs in Meta and seeing 4M damage just from the impact.


Moving onto Iron Juggernaut, your damage was super low here. By the looks of things you're doing the hide strategy in p2, I actually can't believe you're still doing this in a 25 man guild with 580+ ilvl. No need to retreat even in 10 man nowadays. Slap your raid leader/your healers and stop hiding in p2! Get a healing cooldown rotation in between Shock Pulses and a Damage Reduction rotation for the knockback (Devo Aura works as its Nature damage).


Delving deeper, let's take a look at your opener, or rather, the clusterfuck that I wouldn't really call an 'opener'.


  • You precast a Soul Fire - Good, you aren't running Imp Swarm so you'll need the extra Fury. I don't like doing this though because it procs trinkets. I advise you use Imp Swarm tbh.
  • You cast HoG, then Service out a Felguard and Summon Doomguard. You're basically forcing trinkets to proc then wasting time summoning these. Get Doomguard followed by Service (so he can start generating Fury) out of the way at the start, or use him once you've got that big Doom up.
  • You cast Corruption twice then HoG and jump into Meta.
  • You ToC a bit, and apply Doom twice with just BBoY. What, just BBoY? Yes. You didn't use Dark Soul. I understand that your PBI didn't proc, but 10 stack BBoY > PBI. You also have all your other procs up like Meta gem and racials and professions and even your potion. You missed out on a lot of Doom damage by not having PBI proc, but you made the situation so much worse by delaying Dark Soul.

Soul Fire usage was also very poor - you cast a grand total of 6 inside Meta, 1 of which was without any procs. With a high haste build you're literally swimming in MC procs and Fury, and should be dumping at least 3 Meta Soul Fires each time BBoY procs, and at least 5 with Dark Soul and Bindings. 


Cooldown usage - You didn't use a second potion. You forgot to cast Grimoire: Felguard so only got 2 uses in a near 5 minute fight.


As a result of poor Doom snapshotting and Soul Fire usage, ToC came out as your top damage source, which shouldn't really happen.

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Looking through logs now - will post what I see in just a few minutes.  Wanted to tackle questions first.


Don't use KTT.  Pets do a considerable amount of damage and cannot proc Multistrike.  You'll be getting less than the intended passive effect from the trinket, so it's a minor yet consequential DPS loss.  Stick with PBI and WF BBoY (should be 575, which is plenty good enough). 


At 580 item level, you have enough stuff to bounce to the Haste cap you're good with.  Since you're an Orc, no need to go for any of the Berserking breakpoints.  15.8k should be more than sufficient which is 2.8k less than you are at.  Drop that and pick up some Mastery.


Your upgrading scheme is a little confusing.  Your weapon is only 574 when it should be 582 and should have been your first upgrade.  Your weapon is THE MOST POWERFUL ITEM YOU HAVE by a long shot, even if it's not warforged.  You double upgraded your bracers instead of your legs, which is understandable since you have HWF bracers and normal legs, but you should have instead saved your valor.  You 4/4 upgraded a Hit/Crit ring which is the worst of 4 rings for Warlocks and left your BBoY at 559.  When you get 1,000 valor, immediately jack your BBoY up to 575.  Even if you get Garrosh this week, you have to actually SEE the trinket drop and WIN it.  Upgrade BBoY and your weapon IMMEDIATELY.

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Looking at Malkorok...


3 Soul Fires in Metamorphosis.  This is the priority spell to use when you have procs up.  You used ToC much more heavily on this fight than you should have.  This was a considerable DPS loss.


Metamorphosis uptime looks ok at 45%.  You had INCREDIBLE BBoY trinket procs - just think what that coulda translated to if you upgraded it.  27% uptime is crazy good. 


This graph shows your damage against your procs: http://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/mdZXxBYgL4Dhb1fP#type=damage-done&fight=37&source=28&pins=0%24Separate%24%23244F4B%24auras-gained%240%240.0.0.Any%240.0.0.Any%24true%24115043519.0.0.Warlock%24false%24103958%5E0%24Separate%24%23909049%24auras-gained%240%240.0.0.Any%240.0.0.Any%24true%24115043519.0.0.Warlock%24false%24146184%5E0%24Separate%24%23a04D8A%24auras-gained%240%240.0.0.Any%240.0.0.Any%24true%24115043519.0.0.Warlock%24false%24146046%5E0%24Separate%24%23DF5353%24auras-gained%240%240.0.0.Any%240.0.0.Any%24true%24115043519.0.0.Warlock%24false%24113861


First thing that I see is that you had a good period of time with BBoY up, Dark Soul up, AND Expanded Mind up but you weren't in Metamorphosis.  This looks like a lack of planning on your part around 1:40 in the fight where you stayed in Metamorphosis with no procs up.  You should have been out, building fury for the 2:00 mark when all of your procs would line up.  Demonology has the capacity to do more damage when all procs line up in the middle of the fight than even in the opener because you have Imps built up and time to build DF.  You wasted a HUGE opportunity that likely cost you 75k-100k DPS.  You had every proc alive possible and stayed under 500k DPS.  You captured everything 4:00 into the fight, which was good, so you just missed a huge window of opportunity.


Diagnosis: poor management of Demonic Fury prior to 2:00 mark for big burst.

Cure: make sure you track your DF and prepare for the 2:00, 4:00, 6:00, etc marks because Demo is all about windows of bursting.


Diagnosis: poor utilization of Soul Fire while in Metamorphosis. 

Cure: use Soul Fire when you have procs up.  I've had a Soul Fire hit for almost 1,400,000 damage.  Trust me, it's worth it.


Diagnosis: poor Doom damage

Cure: upgrade BBoY.  It'll make a HUGE difference.  Upgrade weapon.  It'll make a HUGE difference.  You captured Haste procs at the start, but you missed a big opportunity at the 2:00 mark because you fudged up your DF.  You also didn't capture any of the BBoY's between 0:40 and 2:00 of the fight which made this period your worst Doom damage.  ALWAYS capture Doom at a 10 stack of BBoY.  This is the separation between good and excellent Demos.  Doom's damage is NOT to be underestimated.

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Thanks for the responses guys, IJ was a cluster and honestly i played very poorly there lots for me to work on next week. Not sure why the wand is showing as 574 i have it 4/4 upgraded... moot point though i managed to get a HWF one this week so that will be 4/4 next week regardless. The reason for my upgrade plan had been to get my destro gear all 4/4 i made the decision to switch to demo this week so my gear is lacking a bit on upgrades for some of those peices.


Thanks for the analysis guys. Hmm interesting i will have to do a better job with my fury management for sure. Absolutely a few things for me to work on. I have a nasty habit of not casting SF in meta.... something i need to fix asap. I will post updated logs next week once I get a chance to try it out again or if i get a chance to do flex this weekend to do a try. 

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Do you guys use Imp swarm glyph or not? I feel like without it in the opener u are so starved which leads me to another question. How exactly do you do your opener, i really wanna make sure i got it right.


Currently as a troll, i can reach 12,1k haste without loosing any mastery at all, should i sacrifice some mastery to reach a certain breakpoint. Is it worth the mastery loss?

And as a last question, should you play as normal, or actually try to fish for 2p procs, too me it feels like too rng and waste of mc procs.


... Damn a ring from Thok would be nice to replace the ring i got from 1st protecters kill last year -.-

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No Imp Swarm for me.  I like steady flow of Demonic Fury.


Opener is like I list in Demo guide.


Mastery and Haste work really well together.  Don't worry about 'sacrificing Mastery' as you build some Haste.  If they're close, it's all good.


I'm drunk right now.  Any advice comes with a disclaimer.

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