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New World Steam Review Score Dramatically Increases

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It seems more and more players are enjoying their New World experience, or at least more of them are sharing their thoughts through Steam's review feature, as the game's rating has gone up from "Mixed" to "Mostly Positive" in just under 2 weeks!

It seems earlier reviews were at least somewhat affected by the significant queue issues the game had at launch, as you might expect with tens and possibly hundreds of thousands of players sitting in a queue just dying to share their experience! However, as the queue issues lessened the review scores rose rapidly, with the game having jumped from a 41% "Mixed" to its current status on 70% "Mostly Positive", with almost 100,000 reviews in!


Now it remains to be seen whether the review score keeps climbing, and one of the most relevant milestones will be the 45-day mark, when Steam adds a "Recent reviews" section which will have its own rating and percentage, in addition tot he "All reviews" category we see now. We'll certainly keep an eye on what the score does over the next couple of weeks. Also, bonus Steam stat: the player-base has so far peaked at 913,000 concurrent users and is still on top of the "current players" charts most of the time.

Originally spotted by: lagerixx.

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    • By Stan
      Reddit user Thunder_Moose created a tool that generates shopping lists for multiple recipes in New World.
      If you have a hard time knowing everything you need to do to complete multiple town project recipes, there's a great tool to help you out.
      Thunder_Moose created an online tool called Recipe Planner. You can check it out here. It allows you to search for and select multiple recipes at a time. The tool automatically generates a list of raw materials and displays a tree of recipes to make the final product. You can even select the preferred materials for category-type ingredients, like leather, cloth, or timber, according to the author.

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    • By Starym
      With Halloween so close perhaps it's no wonder there are some truly terrifying things in New World, but this one doesn't quite seem intended as the mass-spawning mobs seem a little out of place, but they are scaring the hell out of plenty of players!
      It seems certain spots have a bugged spawn so that when a mob spawns the game doesn't register it being "up" and just proceeds to continue creating many copies in the same place, leading to some pretty scary and hilarious moments:

      While this is definitely one of the more funny bugs we've seen, it is starting to impact players, as some are, well, too scared to do certain sidequests as there may just be a hidden army of mobs just waiting to swarm! Hopefully this gets some attention, and if you ask me it definitely needs a commemoration of sorts in the game after it's fixed, since it's one of the cooler bugs ever!
    • By Starym
      Before we even get into the details, it's important to note that addons/mods aren't supported in New World and Amazon Games' general stance on them is that they technically aren't allowed, so proceed with caution. Now that that little disclaimer is out of the way we have two players creating something truly awesome and desperately needed/wanted by the community: a working in-game minimap!
      New World was clearly intended to be played without a minimap, as having only the compass present was a deliberate design decision, but that didn't stop players from very badly wanting one, and now we have two players making one of their own! Morbrid and their friend created a mod that, well, is a minimap:
      One of the most common complaints at the moment is that the map isn't easy to use when in towns - its always zoomed out, or you can't see anything because of the "Upcoming War" message. I teamed up with my friend to build a minimap to help improve on the map interface, stop us getting lost in towns and make it a bit more efficient to farm resources while out questing.
      Some highlights:
      Auto zoom-in when you enter a city - honestly the main map should have this Quickly show/hide the map with hotkeys - so it won't distract you when its not needed Custom developed OCR tech - we weren't happy with the accuracy of the available methods so we designed our own just for this Runs on Overwolf - As far as I know, Overwolf is EAC whitelisted and as this is the only process that runs, it is unlikely to get you banned Community sourced data - Contains map data used with permission from newworld-map.com Hope its OK to share this - I coded up a live demo if you want to have a play with it and see how it would look in game. You can find it here.
      Thanks! The minimap runs on Overwolf, and its the only process that runs. I believe Overwolf is whitelisted on the anti-cheat so I'd say its unlikely to get you banned.
      I understand minimaps are a bit of grey area at the moment so if AGS do issue a statement saying they're not allowed I'll remove the app or tweak it so it meets their TOS, rather than risk users getting banned.

      - Morbrid
      There's a big discussion in the thread about whether this could be a bannable offense, with players having already talked to Amazon Games support staff, but have not received any definitive answers:
      This looks REALLY helpful and I want to use it but I don't want to get banned. I contacted Amazon to ask them about it. I just said "I see there are overlay programs with mini maps. Are they ok to use or will I get banned?"
      Their response was "We don't recommend using this kind of program with new worlds. You will get banned if you perform anything against TOS."
      I pushed him, asking if this was against TOS and he said "We cannot comment on this, a third-party overlay program".
      So it sounds like they aren't sure if they will ban people or not.

      - talimore

      While the general stance is definitely a "no mods allowed" one, this is one of those times where a direct response from the developer would be greatly appreciated, as a division is already forming between those using the incredibly handy (and perhaps too powerful?) mod and those that really really want to but are too afraid of bans. Hopefully we'll hear something from Amazon Games on this specific issue (and modding in general) soon. Until then it really is very much up to you if you want to risk any consequences that come from getting this mod.
    • By Staff
      We have an update on the server transfer feature, as Amazon Games clarify that the system is basically ready, but will be delayed to next week so as not to affect the weekend peak play period.
      Server Transfers (Source)
      Hi everyone,
      We have the final pieces of the server transfer system tested and ready to go, but we are making a difficult decision to hold it until next week. This was a balance call between honoring a date we told you to expect, versus the disruption of a deployment during a peak play period (the weekend).
      We’ve worked on this feature non-stop every day to make good on our date estimations, but releasing it now would mean downtime, server balance changing based on transfers, Wars that might not go through due to different rosters, and the like.
      You can expect several communications coming from our team in the near future, including more specific details around how we are rolling out the transfer feature and a deep dive into the lessons we learned these past couple weeks.
      I sincerely want to thank you for sticking by us through the ups and downtimes.
      Thank you,
    • By Starym
      We have some extremely useful infographic-style leveling mini guides to take a look at today, as Arcana, Armoring, Engineering, and Jewelcrafting get some nice visual overviews on how to max them out, what mats and how many you'll need and more!
      Tesh-Nevermesh from Tradesman's Bible shared the really well done images over on redddit, taking you through the basics of what to craft to get from 0 to 200 in each of the above professions (and what it'll cost), as well as a handy map with leveling routes for Arcana in particular!


      A very handy resource, and if you want more like that, you can check out the Tradesman's Bible Patreon page, and you can find the colorblind versions of the above images here.
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