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Advanced frost mage question.

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I have recently started doing something that is either Einstein levels of genius or very stupid.  


On fights where add packs spawn (Sha of Pride, Garrosh and Thok Bats) If a Trinket procs and will fade just before an add pack spawns I have been using Alter Time just to extend the proc in order to have uptime on the add packs.


Pros (Have trinket uptime on add packs)


Cons (Probably won't snapshot any FoF and BF charged unless I just happen to have them before adds spawn)


Is there anyone who can do the math and work out if this is stupid or genius.?


Also I have been using my second Potion and un-glyphed Icy Veins on these add spawns, 


Pros (Have haste buff for a stronger Frozen Orb + Blizzard on adds)


Cons (Heavily GCD capped during opener and weaker single target opener due to no IV Glyph)




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Hello Cam,
There are several variables that would affect what you are saying.

Also working out the maths for this is practically impossible because:

The first is the boss death timers and the speed at which the adds drop.

But to be honest the only way I see this work is if you set up with your guild that you will be the sole person to handle adds in order to cheese your rankings. If you are looking at overall performance and even if anyone else does dps on these adds then no, it's not worth it by any means.

Hope this answered your question.


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