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I'm new to this forum, and was wondering if I could get some help with my Boomkin's dps.  I know it is near the end of the expac, and seems like boomkins are getting a major overhaul, but after struggling with this guys dps all expac (thankfully I've had my lock as a main) I'm wanting to see what I am missing on this guy, because I know there must be something I am doing wrong rotation, gearing, something wise.


I only have one Warcraft Log, as I am usually not comfortable using him in anything above LFR due to his DPS.  




Only used my druid, Hextic, for the first 4 fights of that log, used my lock for the 2nd 4.


This is my armory.




I appreciate any insights you guys can give me, sorry about the lack of additional info.  Thanks.

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