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Lock Deck - Constructive Criticism Needed!

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My total level is 119, and my warlock level is 14, but I have come to love playing the warlock class.


I would like to post my custom built deck and have some players who are much more experienced than I am dissect and break down my deck to give me as much constructive criticism as possible!!


Here is the deck (A.k.a. "Gul'dan Groove")

2x Soulfire

2x Mortal Coil

2x Abusive Sergeant

1x Flame Imp

2x Void Walker

1x Worgen Infiltrator

2x Young Priestess

1x Dire Wolf Alpha

2x Frostwolf Grunt

1x Succubus

2x Drain Life

2x Raid Leader

1x Scarlet Crusader

2x Shattered Hand Cleric

2x Sen'jin Shieldmasta

1x Azure Drake

1x Doomguard

2x Argent Commander

1x Stormwind Champion


As I said, my levels are low, and I refuse to pay any real money to buy decks as I play hearthstone simply for fun. But at the same time I want to improve my game as much as possible.


So far I have gone 10:0 with this deck in Casual Play mode, I am yet to try Ranked Mode with it. But I would really love to have this analyzed by more experienced players and get y'alls feedback on it!


Thank you.


Best Regards,




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I'm also relatively new to the game, but I've been crafting cards quite a bit. I can say that you'll want to get another Azure Drake since they seem pretty standard picks for most decks (possibly replacing the Raid Leader(s)?); after that, Defenders of Argus are good to craft, too. If you've gone 10:0 thus far, you're obviously doing something right.

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