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Looking to be recruited on EU

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Looking to be recruited on EU!

Add me on Battle.net tag to PM: Fallen#23445

Hi, I'm willing to create a new account and start leveling new characters.

What I'm looking for is someone to play with, possibly leveling together and enjoying the 50% XP when we are both online and possibly someone that can do mythic+ or raiding with me. A nice guild would be a plus.

Since this RAF system is in place the rewards are pretty big, 2 mounts, lots of gametime and other stuff and even after 12 months the rewards keep going.

I'm looking to start playing again with a new friend and enjoying leveling and endgame in SL.

That said I would prefer to find someone that can provide me some gametime and good gold in-game so I have some headstart. After that I can supply for myself of course and you the recruiter can enjoy the rewards. I'm very serious about this and in the times of 300% RAF XP I've done this too.

For the time being I'll be patient and I look forward to hearing from some like minded people and talking some more to see if we will adventure together.

Of course I already have a main account with lots of lvl 50 characters and I could choose to play that one but I wouldn't mind a fresh start with new characters and my main account is not eligible for RAF.

Short info about me:

I'm 27 and I'm from The Netherlands, I'm a very active player and kind + social and enjoy collecting (mounts mostly) and also goldmaking I will get into once I get some characters leveled up.
Not so much experience in PvP or with macro's but I enjoy a BG and as I said earlier, mythic+ and raiding would be of interest to me.
I also play CSGO, Counter-Strike has been a big part of my life.

Kind regards,


Rewards for you:

Month 1: Rikki Pet
Month 2: 1 Month Gametime
Month 3: Reins of the Explorer's Dunetrekker (Mount)
Month 4: Renowned Explorer (Title)
Month 5: 1 Month Gametime
Month 6: Illusion: Stinging Sands (Weapon Illusion)
Month 7: Renowned Explorer's Tabard
Month 8: 1 Month Gametime
Month 9: Keys to the Explorer's Jungle Hopper (Mount)
Month 10: Renowned Explorer's Rucksack (Cosmetic backpack Cape)
Month 11: 1 Month Gametime
Month 12: Ensemble: Renowned Explorer's Attire (Cosmetic Armor Set)

Additional months: For every additional three months your recruit pays for, you will get 1 month in return, starting at 15 months, then 18 months, 21 months and so on.

Source: WoWHead Recruit-A-Friend Program Rewards

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