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WW dps

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Hi guys. I'm here to ask you some help for our ww monk. The thing is that our group is ~ 571 ilvl, we're currently progressing hc, we all do roughly the same dps except for our monk which is ~30% behind. That's quite a lot, and I want to help him get better, but I'm no good at monks. 

Here's his armory link:


And here's log from our thursday normal malkorok (I remember one of you told that this boss is the best to look at monk mechanics :))



I can see that he's missing quite a lot of his attacks, but he's well capped. Thats probably due to bad positioning, right? 

Plus his rising sun kick usage could be better. He missed some and didn't use some on cd. 

That's probably all I can see, I'd like to get some feedback so I could help him to get better at dps'ing.

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Hi there,


Without digging too deep and not being a super pro WW i would however look at the following:


9K+ haste and ascention. He needs to be using chi brew to get bigger burst during cooldowns or to stack up Tiger eye brew earlier.


There were also no energising brew usages which means that they have too much haste and didnt need to use it. Less haste but more crit/mstery will give bigger hits and more dps.  Assurance of Consequence reduces energising brew so even less haste is required to maintain a rotation.


On the malkorok log tiger power dropped off for 7% of the fight, this could be 100%.


Attacks are missing/glancing. This is bad and needs to work on being behind the boss more.


Gemmin straight crit in my books is a no no and needs to have the switched for more agi crit hybrid gems.


Blackout kick is also not glyphed - wasted dps


Chi wave has a 15 second CD and had 8 casts out of a possible10, 14 casts of RSK out of a possible 19 - of which only 12 hit and the debuff RSK applies had an uptime of 85%.


Fine tuning a few of these things will see the dps increase.


Happy Killing :)

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From their missed attacks, only a few were legitimate parries.  Remember that Dual Wielding adds a large penalty (to the tune of about 17%) to your Hit chance with white hits (or autoattack melees).  Along with that, Malkorok does tend to swing around quite a bit in his own animations, so a few parries are expected.


Another major thing here is that there are two wasted Expel Harms.  They should only be used below 80% health, or their damage won't be as good as Jab.


What we really see here is someone energy starved.  9k haste is no longer enough for a lot of people, even with Ascension, to avoid Fists of Fury.  This would also show in the less than perfect uptimes of Rising Sun Kick and Tiger Power.  Lets take a critical look at it.


He used Chi builders 48 times, at a cost of 1920 energy.  1820 from infight regen, and 100 from the opening, regening 11.66 energy per second.  Because there is a theoretical cost of 2 GCDs (build/spend, only true without using Fists of Fury) per 40 spent, they're spending at a rate of about 20 per second, with Chi Wave filling in just 8 gaps and 14 Combo Breakers, filling in a total of 22 gaps.  Even if all those gaps were frontloaded, 66 seconds into the fight, they're already riding their energy.


In short, they need to be intelligently using Energizing Brew and Fists of Fury as energy regen mechanics, and in turn increasing their Rising Sun Kick and Chi Wave count, as Brewmonksta pointed out.

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