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Patch 9.1 Mount Guide

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This thread is for feedback on our Patch 9.1 Mount Guide, which includes the following pages:

  • 9.1 Mount Guide Hub
  • 9.1 Achievement Mounts
  • 9.1 Covenant Mounts
  • 9.1 Endgame Mounts
  • 9.1 Reputation Mounts
  • 9.1 Zone Mounts
  • Hand of Hrestimorak
  • Hand of Nilganihmaht
  • Hand of Salaranga
  • On the Offensive

Don't forget to specify which page you are referring to when giving any comments or asking any questions!

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Uncommon Patron

Hand of Nilganihmaht Guide
Section 3. Nilganihmaht's Runed Band
The cypher of relocation doesn't work on the Korthia rock.  To get to Ve'nari's from Korthia you can 

  • use the teleporting node / flight point that stands behind the Oribos waystone in Keeper's respite, and fly as a smoky zereth-wisp to Ve'nari
  • exit Korthia in a direction that goes into the Maw proper, then use the cypher.

Section 1.1. The Rift

If you depend on the Night Fae option from A Shady Place: 

  1. make sure not to turn the quest in until you're done enjoying using it for the Rift access.
  2. In case it's not obvious, this is from a different assault, so you can't do it all in one Necrolord assault when waiting for the Night Fae one.   However the quartered rings don't disappear when an assault is over, so, you can do it this way.
  3. It only lasts a few minutes, then crosses you back into the un-Rifted Maw but standing where you are at.  
    This can be excellent for silently traversing the wasteland but you might prefer to actively switch out of the rift at a place you know you can handle in the un-Rifted Maw in order to go back in so the buff is refreshed.

As for which version of the land to travel; you can choose to travel across the normal, colorful Maw and its lesser but well known monsters, then only cross to the Rift when at a coordinate you want to check. 

The Elites inside the rift are meaner, but may be easier for a player or team of players who like lasering down a foe that tries to bomb or stun, than slog or sneak past a lot of weaker foes.

Section 2, Stone Ring needing four of quartered stone ring
I recently was able to loot the Mawsworn chest, getting up there by way of various going around the backside or using grapples.  The chest itself had this sort of ring in it, which is how I was provoked to come look it up on Wowhead.

That only covers one, but that's enough to get you the angry elite and the spawn of the other.

General point: The entire thread of activities requires fighting 3 special elites, a handful of "elites til X drops", and 1 meta-elite (can't call him til you have dealt with other elites).   One line each about the tactics of the named elites involved might be useful. 

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